Tuesday, 8 July 2008

We are the Champions, my friend

Well, we finally got to raid again last night. We picked up a few friends from other guilds and went and saw the demise of Magtheridon. It was a bit scrappy, but hey - that's my guild!

I finally, finally got my new title. I've done all the heroics before, but took a long time to do the SMV quests to get through the chain (I hate SMV, it's a horrible place). We've killed Magtheridon before, but I wasn't quite done with the chain. I managed to get the last heroic done again just as Summer hit us and we stopped doing many raids. This week, I decided to schedule a run and crossed my fingers that enough people would be bored and want to go! They were (although like I said we did have to ask for a few friends to join us).

Notice something else on the picture - yep a shiny new [Crystalheart Pulse-Staff]. Nobody else wanted it and I had a free bag slot (since I didn't get my scorchling), so I rolled for it and won.

Now I'm trying to work out what enchant to put on it and when to use it. I'd just worked out all my new gear and gone for maximising my spirit and I land this baby which has no spirit. Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions. Will have to do some reading and thinking. The raid last night was great - I didn't need a potion, innervate or anything - I had something around 350 MP5 while casting all buffed up - it was insane - I loved it. But this new baby has sooo much additional stamina. Help please fellow priests? Any comments?


Dan aka IllĂ­Dan said...

Hehe was fun and thanks for keeping me alive as always ;-)

Maggy was new to me and I got that feeling of anticipation you only get with a new boss, maybe it's being a tank and the raid being champions or wiping depending on what you do as the MT but I was nervous and excited when we got there. I LOVE that feeling and it's one of the best things about the game.

OFC it's second only to the feeling of victory when you do nail that boss, another feeling we experienced last night :-)

Now onto more progression raids :-)

Kerah said...

Eh, never had much of an idea on spirit. Seeing how my only healer was a paladin, I can't really help you there =P

Good to hear you guys got a raid in tho, and grats on the new epix =)

Amaryllis said...

Plus healing imo. Lots of plus healing allows for either bigger heals which then lets you get into the 5 sec rule as you can take breaks between casting (5/10 mans) or allows you to downrank which saves you mana (10/25 mans). Either way plus heal gives you regen and whilst im too lazy do the maths, i think 81 plus heal will work out better than 20 spirit over the course of the average boss fight.

Amaryllis said...

Plus you say you werent struggling for mana last night, thus regen isnt really an issue. Which reinforces the whole plus healing thing. If you dont need the regen side of it, i.e. the whole downranking or taking breaks between casts you get the benefit of just bigger heals. More bang for your buck as Lyla's Uncle says :p

Softi said...

I definitely agree with Amaryllis on this one, if you had no problem with mana regen then you're probably best stacking the +healing on your purty new staff.

Knurd said...

Congrats on your new title! It's a great feeling when you complete the long quest chain that earns you that!

With the spirit ... I have never downranked a spell in my entire healing career. Ok, I tried it one raid, but that's about it.

I have that staff also, but I don't use it most of the time. I only use it for high stam fights such as BT and PvP. The lack of spirit makes me nervous ... however, I agree that if you are not having mana issues, slap the +healing on that baby and move on ...

The other thing to consider is how much mana regen you are going to truely get by putting the +spirit on that staff vs the mana saved by using the +heal?

Also, it's like the debate between PvE gear and PvP gear ... is the +stam on that sweet looking staff worth losing what ever +spirit you had on your previous weapon?

Basically there are a couple of things we need to know ...

What weapon were you using before?
What's your mana pool unbuffed?
What's your +heal unbuffed?
What's your mana regen curently unbuffed?
What's your spirit at with the staff unbuffed?