Sunday, 13 July 2008

Lorienne's Spanking Outfit

A little bit of History. I used to be in a hardcore raiding guild. These were the days before Sephrenia moved into the area and became "the girl next door". Lorienne was my main (and pretty much my first) character. She started raiding Zul'Gurub two days after she dinged 60 (some time in June/July 2006).

The guild was a good one, full of great players. It was allegedly run by a Council, but was perceived as being run (with an iron fist) by a guy and his wife. I was promoted to an Officer (in charge of Communication), mostly because I stuck my nose all over the place and talked to people. Lorienne, the flirt that she is, talked to everyone and anyone. She was often found sitting in Stormwind just chatting...

Anyway, as time went on it became a threat (or promise) that if you misbehaved in raids you would be spanked by Lori.

We progressed in MC and started in BWL on 17th September 2006 (my birthday - that's how I remember). It was a Sunday and my parents had come to visit, so I let them look after the kids while Barkie and I went to BWL. It was here that Lori's spanking outfit got it's first showing. Thirty odd boys eyes nearly popped out of their heads (the others were girls, who I don't think were quite so impressed). Just for the record - we managed to kill Razorgore and he dropped me a birthday present of [Bloodfang Bracers], which the other lovely rogues passed on for me. Lorienne is still wearing them today.

I think most people these days have seen this kind of outfit, but back then it was fairly uncommon. I think the horned hat is the best bit. The shape of her bum cheeks I find particularly pleasing. The size of her feet is disturbing though. I honestly think that whoever designed the feet of all the females in WOW had a serious problem. They are too big. If any of you come across an item that would serve as a whip I'd be delighted to know about it.

Oh - last little point before I go see what today's fishing quest is - Lori reached level 67 last night and I'm quite enjoying doing some serious killing for a change. I'm still clicking Grid desperately trying to heal myself, but I guess that will wear off in time.

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Anonymous said...

Oh grats i didnt notise you dinged yesterday. maby cause most of the time i was dead ;-).

Cheers love

Iam rdy for new adventures tonigth if your up to it...