Thursday, 3 July 2008

Will the girls like this? Will the girls like that? Is it too big? Is it too small?

Points for guessing what film the title of this message comes from....

I was messing about with my gear and stats and gems and things recently so I thought I'd share some of the sites I use to look at myself.

Be Imba allows you to access your character on the armory (I think you must be level 70) and then tells you which instances your gear is "good enough" for and where your best source of upgrades will come from. It tells you which items are not enchanted "correctly" and what gems you should use. For me it's a good "guide", but not strictly "the law". For example, it doesn't like my +30 spirit enchant on my [Rod of the Blazing Light].

Another website I fiddle with is Loot Rank, which is described far better than I ever could describe it by A dwarf Priest in his article. I say fiddle because the theorycrafting and stuff is a bit beyond me - well, probably not beyond me, but at least beyond the time I'm willing to invest in it.

Kaliban's Class Loot Lists provide gear information for all dungeons and raids, as well as world drops. This one is great when you're levelling to know which instances you can get great gear for your character from.

Another great site to while away hours on if you're so inclined is character developer. Here you can mess about with all the gear, buffs, gems, enchants, food, drink, etc. etc. that you want and put them on your character to see what effect it might have. If I had a whole day to mess about I'd spend it here.

Well, that's all I can think of for now - as I come across more I'll let you know.

Time may be a bit short for daily posts over the coming months. The kids have finished school and I have 9 weeks of fun to come. Come September I'll probably be a shrivelled, wrinkled, hairless wreck - but so far - half a day down it's doing OK - helps that son is out over the road sleeping over in someone's tent and that daughter has a friend round. I have a cup of tea and a few minutes peace to write.

Enjoy your day all....


Rakhman said...

I also use which looks similar to character developer. My original guess for the title was proved wrong by google...

Sephrenia said...

Gosh yes - I'd forgotten about that one too! Thanks. I've got it marked somewhere but my favourites list needs a bit of a sort out I think :S *adds to "to-do" list*

Cynra said...

Oh, oh, oh! Life of Brian, in the scene with the ex-leper!

Even though I'm a Spirit-obsessed Holy healing human priestess with Spirit of Redemption and Improved Divine Spirit, I don't think that I'd recommend the Spirit enchant on a weapon unless you find that your Spirit stat is lacking far more than your Bonus Healing. Personally, I go back and forth on that issue myself since I am such a dedicated fan of Spirit myself. I'll have to sit down and do some numbers one night to see which is better for me!

It does, however, make for an awesome Innervate weapon, though there's really no need for it these days; an Innervate already gives me full mana while casting and the added Spirit doesn't seem like it would be beneficial in that scenario. Perhaps it would for a priest who isn't human and lack The Human Spirit.

Whee, isn't rambling on about priests and Spirit fun? Sorry for the blather!

And thanks for the awesome links to the sites; I tend to do a lot of my number-crunching by hand and having a site like that to refer to will help me save some time!

Sephrenia said...

Hey cynra,

Well done! *Gives cookie*

On the spirit thing - I got my healing to over 2000 and decided that given where my guild are in terms of raid status (can do Gruul and Mag, starting in SSC) that I would play with upping my regen instead of making my heals bigger. Currently I'm finding other healers beat me to a heal because they panic that the tank is dying, even though my 5K heal is on it's way. It felt better to have smaller heals, but do more of them and so I wanted to get more mana back quicker.

It's still something I'm messing with and experimenting, but thanks very much for your comments.