Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Character Colours

I've been thinking about this one for a while. Ever since I spent some badges and got my [Gown of Spiritual Wonder]. Have you noticed that it's a GREEN dress. I mean - way to go Blizz - you totally messed up the looks of my beautiful priestess. Priests should wear purple. Purple, silver or white. Those are the colours of priests. But green - what were you thinking of? So last night while lying in bed listening to my husband snoring next to me and not being able to sleep, I began to think through each class and wonder what colours I would associate with each one - I'm talking generally about colours of clothes here, although there were some more general thoughts that went in with it. So - my list...

Priests - Purple, silver or white - regal, pure, clean. Ofc I'm mostly talking Holy priests since that's what mine is, but I think these would also go well with Shadow because of shadow form turning you purple - no chance of a clash there.

Druids - well, this one was easy - Green with possible hints of brown. Druids are at one with nature and should colour match so they can hide in trees. They remind me of Robin Hood - can do lots of stuff, then blend back in with the forest and not be seen.

Hunters - Also green, but maybe a bit more brown. Like druids they tend to hide and use camouflage a lot so should blend in with their environment.

Mages - Here I think it depends on spec - Frost mages should be blue, Fire mages red, and arcane mages purple (unless the priest wants the item - lol) - hmm - maybe not purple, but I'm not sure what other colour they could have. Are there any arcane spec mages - not sure I've ever met one.

Paladin - Well, generally I'd say gold. They keep their armour clean (or their pages it it for them anyway). The ultimate Paladin for me would be Sparhawk from David Eddings books (same one's Sephrenia came from). I am tempted to include pink here though, because in my eyes the female ones want to be girly some of the time and the male ones are all gay, or have gay tendencies. I know, i know - massive generalisation - but it's MY blog - I can say what I like.

Rogue - Black. Simple as. Well, almost - I'm tempted to put in a bit of yellow - the colour that symbolises jealousy or cowardice because I feel that most rogues tend to fit into one or the other of those categories. They sneak about spying on people or hiding from people, so it only seems right.

Shaman - Well, I'm not sure about Shaman. Gut thoughts were for bluey-green sort of "at one with the elements" stuff, but then I'm also leaning to a sort of harlequin type outfit with a mix of all colours - a kind of court jester sort of outfit. This one was the hardest for me to define.

Warlock - Black and purple were the ones that initially came to mind - sort of an evil spell type thing - but then the thought of loot competition came up and I had a re-think ;) How about blood red and black, possibly with touches of silver? Hmm - that might work too.

Warrior - Another easy one - brown, bronze, pewter - dirty, scuffed up looking. They have had a tough life and it should show in their armour. The shiny gold that Paladins wear is not for them. Their armour gets "cleaned" when it rains.

So - what do you think? Agree, or not? Have I been far too stereotypical? I don't care - all I want is a nice new PURPLE dress with stats on it - not my [Lovely Purple Dress].

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Anonymous said...

Yeah arcane mages exist, I'd say purple is good (look at our pretty arcane explosions or purpleness!) but since you don't like purple for mages (you stole purple on the priest after all) how about purpleish with a strong blue tint to it.

Paladins, yeah, they all gay, look at male blood elfs for gods sake, pansies if ever one was seen! Pink power ranger suits for all male pala's.

Rogue I'd go black with red, warlocks can still be the same scheme but in dresses so there's no real clash there.