Friday, 18 July 2008

Band Night

Well, I went to see the new band in Shattrah - The Tauren Chieftains were playing. There was quite a crowd - it was fun - people were dancing and the music wasn't bad, for horde anyway. (Damn that Orc in the front there - he has a scorchling - no fair).

You can read about the band here. The site also lists all their songs and gives the lyrics. Having been playing Lori a bit I kind of like the Rogue one.

Afterwards, as we didn't have quite enough for a 25 man raid I took Lorienne to Mana-Tombs and managed to ding 69. I've got half a level of rested XP still and a log full of easy Terokkar quests, so shouldn't be too much of a challenge to get to 70 soon-ish.

Sadly, I've decided not to play WOW on Friday and Saturday nights and to spend time with my family instead, so it looks like it will be some time next week before Lori is finally all grown up.

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