Monday, 14 July 2008

PlusHeal - a fantastic new forum, resource, guide thingy

Several healing bloggers have banded together to create and moderate PlusHeal: a forum community explicitly for healers. While the goal is not to detract their own blogs, there are some healing-related topics they are not interested in writing about on their blogs. If is anything you want to know about healing, this is the place to go...

The team behind the community currently includes:

Matt and Wyn from World of Matticus
Siha from Banana Shoulders
Auzara from Chick GM
Anna from Too Many Annas
Neutralise from Spirit is Your Friend
Phaelia from Resto4Life
And Lume from Lume the Mad.

Many of these blogs were the very ones I first started reading and got my inspiration for starting my own little blog going. They are a continual source of information so this will be a great place to tap into their knowledge and experience and amazing "shareableness" (what a great word to make up for a Monday morning - I really do think I need to sleep some more).

Each healing class has its own forum in addition to forums dedicated to general theorycraft discussions, UI addons, macros, and instances of all flavors (5, 10, and 25-man).

From their official announcement:

This community is intended to serve as a place where healers can come together to exchange tips, mods, macros, math, questions and ideas. They hope to create an environment where healers with multiple levels of experience can benefit from their shared knowledge and experience.

Why not stop by, sign up and join in one or more of the discussions?

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Auzara said...

Thanks for spreading the word! I look forward to interacting with you and your readers there.