Saturday, 5 July 2008

Venting with a GM

So I was a little upset that the fire festival finished early. No pet, no shoulders and 81 useless blossoms in my bags. So, like a true Mum I found someone to complain to and petitioned a GM.

I wanted them to know that they should make things clearer in the future about end dates - for PVP events the end date includes the last date given, but for the festival it did not.

The GM asked me if she could help me with anything else, so I got cheeky.

So she came and appeared in front of me...

... and blew me a kiss... which made me marginally happier about the mess they had made of the end of the festival.

Shame she didn't have anything she could give me (like chocolate - did I mention I like chocolate?). I did remind her to up my odds of getting a [Sinister Squashling] for Halloween though.


Softi said...

oooh nice pic!! Only a mum could persuade a GM to show themselves... or be bold enough to ask for a screenie! ;)

Hast aka IlliDan said...

WOW, awesome pic of a GM /bow :-) pity about the blossoms and that damn pet, Hast still cringes everytime you whisper him, 'just 5 kills it will drop!' hehe ;-)

Spaceball said...

really cute with the GM appearing, always thought it would be something special like the doors of heaven will open in mid Ironforge and golden steps will appear with flying glinting sprinkles all around the place with epic music and such, but geuss not eh? :D