Saturday, 5 July 2008

Mum, what shall we do now?

It's summer. Things are quiet. The kids are bored and we've only been in the school holidays for 3 days - another 8.5 weeks to go!

It's the same in my guild as it is at home. So much to do, but it's all BORING. "Seph - what shall we do?", "Seph - organise something.", "What are YOU doing tonight Seph?". I feel like shaking the lot of them and saying - LOOK, I'm NOT your mother - you are all adults, you can make up your own minds, you can organise stuff by yourselves. I'm perfectly happy fishing, cooking, picking flowers, hiding from horde, chatting, dancing, emoting to strangers - all the fun stuff.

But, I'm not like that - I care for my children, even if they are all a right royal pain in the ****.

So, it looks like I'm going to have to organise trips out, in guild and at home. I wonder if I could set up some sort of a treasure hunt? I've often thought about this - give a list of items to collect and send people off round the world to get them. Does anyone know if this has been done before?

It's brewing in my mind and will probably take shape over the next few days. Any thoughts, suggestions, opinions are gratefully received.


Softi said...

Oooh sounds like fun! I'm looking forward to hearing about what you come up with :)

Pilfkin said...

Very long thred here:

But quite insightful :)

When I was our Guild's allocated funster I pinched a few...

LarĂ­sa said...

Hm... this supports my theory that motherhood in a guild can be a bit of a burden if you don't look out... :)
Seriously you seem to do a great job as a guild mum and you're running a great blog about it as well and you really seem to enjoy it. But I keep wondering where the guild dads are. I even wrote a blog post about it, inspered by your blog.
Hope you didn't mind!