Saturday, 5 July 2008

It vexes me. I am terribly vexed.

Ha ha - maybe this can become my theme - guess the film from the title of my posts :)

Well, I think the fire festival is over - apparently there were fireworks last night, all the guards in Booty Bay were sleeping, but I had a headache and couldn't really stay about. I've only just got up so haven't logged in yet to see if I can do the fire festival dailies one last time to get my 100 blossom [Mantle of the Fire Festival] reward. I'm sure I read somewhere that it finished on 5th July, but am probably wrong.

I am totally fed up. I've killed Ahune 63 times and not seen the pet. As someone who values collecting pets almost more than other EPIXXX it distresses me that I'm not going to be able to get this pet. There is no other thing in the game that works this way. You can grind and grind pvp or pve content for everything else, kill mobs over and over again to get a particular pet (6000 emerald whelps for example :S) and all sorts. Can you imagine the uproar if a certain special piece of armor was only available for 2 weeks a year (although I think I'm probably whining a bit much here - the cloaks and helm from horseman and stuff, but they don't seem the same - they are not THAT special are they?).

I bet nearly all the people who won the little gorgeous scorchling won't even appreciate what they have got. Some may even throw it away (Dad - how COULD you have chucked your [Sinister Squashling]?)

Oh no - having checked Breanni's pet collecting website she now says the drop rate for my pet was 1 in 65 - when I started the killing it was 1 in 40, then 1 in 50 and I thought I'd killed enough - but, but I only killed him 63 times - no wonder I didn't win! It's OK - I know the maths - I'm a trained Statistician - I'm just joking with you - "never tell me the odds" (another cookie for naming that film).

So - it's back to fishing for me to see if I can get either a crocodile or another stab at a magical crawdad. At least now they gave us Holy Priests some spell damage I can have a good go at killing the stupid elite trees that jump me when I'm relaxing by the lake in Skettis.

Happy weekend all.


Cynra said...

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. Specifically, Hans Solo to C-3PO when the protocol droid was sharing the odds of surviving going into an asteroid field.

And -- though I'm loathe to say it -- I got my scorchling on my perky priestess. Csilla, however, loves Moto (her raid named it and apparently the word means "fire" in some esoteric language that I don't know) and I don't think she'd be tossing it to the side any time soon; she's too busy pretending to be a shaman!

Sephrenia said...

Oh my - I'm going to have to get you a whole packet of cookies aren't I?

Well done on your pet (*cries*). I so wanted one of those. Even more so when I found out that it shoots critters from time to time.

Sephrenia said...

I just realised you've missed the title film - might have to hold back on the cookies for a little longer :-)