Monday, 14 July 2008

Is the end in sight for Lorienne?

Well, I am having great fun playing my rogue again. I honestly thought I would never be able to play her again having "found" the healing-ness of my priest, but have done pretty much non stop in the evenings of the last week. I have a theory that the second half of levels in a bunch of 10 are easier than the first - so lvl 26-30 is easier than 21-25 etc and I'm now half way through level 67.

Ok so I'm "cheating" a bit and only doing low level quests, but they sure are going down quickly. I'm also doing my favoured thing and instancing. Lorienne has completed Hellfire Peninsula (apart from a couple of group quests I came across the other day) and is probably half way through Zangarmarsh quests. At the rate I'm going I'll be able to level to 80 without leaving Outlands!

Last night I helped a group finish off in Underbog - I've still not completed the chain to get the quest to kill the last boss - it was a PUG argh I hate PUGs (sorry Dippen - not your fault), but it's all XP I guess. Dippen and I, having had enough of tanks who can't tank and healers who can't heal, decided to ask the guild if anyone fancied going somewhere else. Having chatted to my son (he knows where ALL the best gear drops for ALL the classes - must be great to be your very own encyclopedia), I steered the group towards Sethekk Halls where he had told me to go for [Shoulderpads of Assassination] - I've already got the [Leggings of Assassination] from sneaking along with a group through Shadow Labs.

We had some fun - true we got 3 level 70 guild members to help us, but 2 of them have only just dinged 70. We had our favourite Boomkin aggro-puller (lvl 63) with us - he did a fair bit of lying around dead. I'm sure the druid tank was marking the hardest things for me to sap - he's got a rogue main, so probably was testing me. I'm also convinced all of the mobs in instances are male because they always turn and look if you [distract] them with a cry of "Oh look - Boobies!" before going in for the sap. It even works on guild members in vent too ;-)

As per usual, the trash killed us more often than the bosses but we completed it (yay another quest done). Lorienne picked up a new toy [Terokk's Nightmace] but she's not altogether happy - she's ALWAYS been dagger spec and everywhere I read says I should be swords or maces. It just doesn't feel right being a rogue and not sneaking up behind things and driving a dagger in between their shoulder-blades.

On the plus side, aforementioned son has seen how lovely my rogue is and is keen to play with my killing machine again, so he's off solo-ing the elite quests I've got for me. Damn him, he plays soooo much better than me - I'm going to have to learn how to move properly. How he can fight mobs, listen to music, talk on MSN and eat his toastie I'll never know. Nerf 13 year old sons who put their mothers to shame playing their Mum's characters. "Oh, by the way Mum, I accidentally killed a Paladin and a Mage while I was out!" It will be just my luck to end up on someones KOS list - thank goodness for stealth and vanish on a rogue.


Saresa said...

I know how you feel there :) I am horrible when it comes to some aspects of the game (Yes, I turn with my keyboard! No, I can not type and move at the same time! ;) ), but I figure that it's the enjoyment which counts.

As for the questing, I can't fault you for doing the lower level quests where you can :) I hate dying repeatedly on a hard quest myself.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, i love your posts dear :-). And yesterday you dinged again even that you werent able to see either party members or np's....
And you got another pet, wrong char though ;-)

Well well cya tonigth for more adventures^^