Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Lorienne - history repeating itself

Well, history has a funny way of repeating itself.

Lorienne, as I have mentioned, dinged 60 and found herself in a raiding guild, so skipped all the level 60 5-person instances and went straight for ZG.

She dinged 70 on Saturday night and on Sunday found herself in a Guild alt/gearing Kara run, along with a new level 70 hunter. Never mind all the lovely level 70 5-man instances - let's go straight for the 10-man stuff! It was a good run - we did Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Opera (Romulo and Julianne) and Curator. We did have a little pop at Nightbane, but he wasn't very kind to us.

There was NO leather or mail loot at all for me and the hunter, but the stupid [priestly trinket] dropped - the one Seph fancies, just to have it, and has passed on twice in favour of other guildies, never to see it in goodness knows how many runs since!

We continued the run last night and had another great time - got Illhoof, Aran, Chess and Prince all done. Still no hunter or Rogue drops - right until the end where the hunter (on her first ever Karazhan run) won the T4 head (luckily she had her husband by her telling her she needed to roll for it).

Then I noticed that while off commanding his legions, Prince had dropped his [dagger]. Nobody else seemed keen, so Lorienne picked it up.

Son is delighted and disappointed all at the same time. I think it means a re-spec. Lorienne has always been a dagger rogue and even though I know it's not the best spec for dps, I think she might go back. Daggers just seem to fit the rogue best to me.

Oh - and Aran dropped his other interesting [trinket] that Seph has never seen either. Blooming typical!


Rehnkal said...

The fickleness of drop rates.

As druid I had to off-/maintank Karazhan for a "few" months and guild before I got hold of the tier 4 helmet (either I weren't there or someone else got it).

Though, as paladin I managed to swipe 8 healing items on his second Karazhan run. Only 2 healers and the other was a fully geared shaman.

PS. Maiden as the only dispeller **shiver**.

Rehnkal said...

PS. Grat on dagger though. I bet there are a few main rogues being jealous at you now (prince drop on "first" run).

Kerah said...

Playing on saturday night again already hmm?

Naughty Seph.

Sephrenia said...

It was a sanctioned run - Barkie decided 2 nights off in a run was a bit much, so "let" me play. Our official swap day was Monday, but he had some work come up, so what else could I do? I played... :)