Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Happy Girl - got to love patch days

OK, so patch days are a pain. The UK is a day behind the US - they get to play with all the fun stuff first. I mean, I had to wait a WHOLE DAY to get my new pet. First off there's the add-on troubles - remind me again why I have so many... Second our realm has extended extended maintenance for some reason so we have to wait until 13:00 to get online. Finally I get online.

Number one - fishing quest - hurrah it's crocs. I wander to Stormwind and check out the new construction site while I'm fishing. Grab a baby croc and take him back for Old Man Barlo. He must hate patch days too and be in a bit of a grumpy mood because there's no pet reward again for me. Argh! How on earth am I supposed to get 4 of these damn crocodile pets. Grrr.

So - on to Skettis to meet the Sha'tari Skyguard Quartermaster and pick up my new pet - the tiny and very very cute [Nether Ray Fry]. I took him back to Shattrah and looked at him and my [Tiny Spore Bat] and tried to work out which was cutest.

Finally it's time to take the new baby out for a "float", or whatever it is that Nether Rays do. I'm not quite sure. In fact I rarely ride my [Purple Riding Nether Ray] because I end up feeling slightly queasy when I do for some reason.

We fly around Shattrah together and let him stretch his wings, gills or whatever they are. I have to remind him not to stray to far from Mummy, but I think he's happy with his new owner.

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Kerah said...

Woo more pets! Did you petition blizzard yet for your extra bank space? Or a pen/cage or something?

Also, if I was playing a cartoon girl I wouldn't sit my ass down on something remotely resembling a tentaclemonster either =P