Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Woo Hoo - raiding again

Well, last night we managed to get 25 guild members all together and went back to SSC. It's been a while since we last went, we've taken on some new members and people seem to have had enough of the summer.

It was a bit of a wipe fest, but all in I think we did well. We didn't manage to kill a boss, but we had some fun and found out how to work as a team again. Surprisingly we had LOTS of tanks and enough healers (thanks Electra for re-speccing again). We had an annoying try where we got Hydross to 11% or something, but sadly he lives to fight another day.

I had fun. My mana regen gear seems to be performing well and I think I only used one potion, so I was happy.

It felt good to have the guild together again, working on getting the teamwork going, managing aggro and I really hope we can get some more raids going again soon.

Sorry to those who wanted to come, but we were full - it was a nice position to be in having a full raid, instead of having Council members begging people and their friends to join in.

Even though I quite fancied playing my rogue again since she is soooo close to 70 now (well it feels like it after all this time) it felt GREAT to have all those healing choices at my fingertips again.

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