Thursday, 24 July 2008

This is SO me - my guildies recognised it and posted it

A little extra post today - I'm hot, bothered, bored....

This video was linked on our guild forum. This could be me. Even if it's a mickey take or whatever, this is SO me. I laughed and laughed. How can these computer pixels I play with get to know me so well?

Girlfriend plays Team Fortress 2

"Are you hurt", "Which side am I on", "Don't kill me".

That's me when I try to PVP. Actually it's almost me when I'm raiding. "Ow, ow, get them off me", "Don't die, don't die", "Argh, the tank is below 50% health - panic".


Softi said...

LOL that describes me to a tee!

There's a reason I'm on push-to-talk most of the time on vent... if I'm not they'd hear too much random squealing and "omg omg get it off me!" moments. ;)

Kerah said...

Hehe yeah when I heard it, after pvp'ing with you I had to post it =)

Still makes me laugh.