Tuesday, 15 July 2008

They are all laughing at me

Well, last night Lorienne reached the dizzy heights of level 68 by questing with some friends in Terokkar Forest. My guild were laughing at me since I still have a quest log full of green quests in Zangarmarsh and Terokkar. I can't help it if I prefer levelling with friends in instances.... I mean, Seph and her husband Barkie were level 64 before they left Hellfire Peninsula because they spent so long in Ramparts and Blood Furnace.

At least this way I can stay in Outlands and get on to level 80 - I might just finish Netherstorm by then!

Oh - son took her out to Sethekk Halls and managed to win the [Shoulderpads of Assassination] for me, so I now have 2 bits ready for when I get to 70.

Seph is off to SSC this evening - wish us some luck - I would so love to see Lurker go down - we've tried before, but can't seem to get the adds sorted as well as avoiding the spout. Shame it takes so damn long to clear the trash to get rid of all the fishies. That's one of the biggest challenges my guild has - we only raid for 2 hours or so which makes it a bit tricky to get places.

That's it for today - bit busy playing with my daughter. Also very tired from questing too late with Lori. And the stupid weather is all hot and humid. Bleurgh.

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