Monday, 28 July 2008

The challenge of the blog

I started this blog as somewhere to express my thoughts, ideas, knowledge, frustrations. I have, thus far, loved writing it.

Yesterday, I didn't post. I had a lot of family stuff going on and kids and all sorts. Today, I have my daughter back home from a week with my parents. She's "bored" - we're going to play WOW at some point, but I've got washing, finances, school uniform orders and all kinds of things to sort out.

I'm too hot. It's 30C or something, which I know isn't hot to some people, but for me, it's almost unbearable. I don't do well in heat. I can't move, breathe, think. I suffer from a disease which gets worse when I'm hot. I hate being too hot - you just can't cool down. If I get cold, I can wear more clothes, put a fire on, have a cup of tea, etc to warm up, but I can't find things to cool down (and we can't afford to buy air con for the 2 weeks a year it is actually this hot in this country).

Whine, whine.

Also, now that people know about my blog, they expect me to write. I guess it's my own fault. Since I started I've written once, even twice a day. Folks are EXPECTING me to write something. That stresses me. When it was just me, for me, it was great. It feels good when I see that people are reading my site, but now they are expecting it all feels a bit strange. I want to write when I'm ready to write. In this heat I can't think what the hell to write. It's a catch-22 situation! I think I'll have a read about other blogs and see if others feel the same sometimes.

Also - we've had 2 days of Aran wipefests. I HATE wiping on Aran. He's so easy when people know what to do and follow instructions, but recently everything has gone wrong. When a rogue who has been level 70 for a week tops the dps meters, something is wrong! It's not about the money, flasks, bandages, etc - it's about the teamwork, the listening and learning. I dunno - maybe everyone is struggling in the heat as well.

/rant off, /cool shower on, /eats chocolate


Knurd said...

I have had the same problem as of late ... when I started the blog, I rant and complained ... People seemed to enjoy listening to me do it ... or the stories of things gone right ... as of late everything is just status quo ... I am just not feeling inspired. I guess I should take my own advice, but instead I am giving it to you, write at your own pace your own way, we will wait I promise.

Illi said...

nerf rogues?

Nah sorry, I guess I am one of those people that constantly nags you about your blog. It was meant to be a bit of a joke and show that I (people) am reading it. I think that got lost somewhere, prolly around the 50th time I said 'When's your blog going up today'.

I do enjoy reading it and the many other blogs you have introduced me too but I will stop the nagging now :-(

*Passes you a Pimms with lots of Ice and at least 3 of your five a day to cool you down*

Softi said...

Ya know what? It's not the end of the world if you don't post every day, and in this weather, most people tend to be busy doing other things - sitting in front of a heat-emitting computer isn't high on my to-do list that's for sure!

As for those who nag?
*Softthistle spanks them*

Mushy said...

Of the blogs I read / use to read, a big massive 0 of them updated every day, sure they aren't WoW related, your's is infact the only WoW blog I read, but I don't expect it to be updated daily, I check it daily just to see if there is one or not.

Amaryllis said...

You should never force writing, it has to flow naturally as one of my literature professors told me... unfortunately he didnt accept it as an excuse for late work but the principle is sound. Blogging is meant to be pleasurable and if you dont feel like writing or dont feel there is anything to say on that particular day... dont feel forced for your audience. After all, we are meant to be at your feet, not the other way around.

As for the heat, send it north please.

space said...

buy a fan seph it's much cheaper than AC