Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Three Amigos

Another fun night last night. The guild had an alt/gearing Kara raid going on, which was good and several others were out and about questing, pvp-ing and instancing. At one point when I looked we had 31 people online - this is GREAT given recent lacks.

In between my usual "Seph chats" I took Lorienne to Old Hillsbrad. I managed to talk the lovely Verenus into tanking for the group with his super Paladin tank, so this made life a little easier.

A few things really brightened my run. One - we killed the young Don Carlos and stole his hat. Two - Thrall looks absolutely ridiculous riding on a horse. No wonder the poor beast goes so slow. Three - riding down the road, he notices some guys and proceeds to attack them (we walked past them earlier with no response)... When they die he says "I did not ask for this!" Lol - just LOL!

Anyway - we completed it and Lori won [Mantle of Perenolde] and picked up a quest reward of [Southshore Sneakers]. They look AWFUL - I mean - bright blue - what were you thinking Blizzard - how can a rogue sneak in bright blue boots? Oh a plus side, they do match my hair. Ah well - son likes them - apparently she looks "imba" now.

After this I logged in to Seph in a quest for another new pet. It was time to go back to Old Hillsbrad and beat up poor Don Carlos again. This time it was on Heroic, but to be honest we didn't notice much difference. We did it in a group with 3 healers - one was tanking, one went dps and I stuck to my roots and healed. We brought a warlock and a shaman for some fun too.

We managed to kill him 3 times - basically if you kill him, loot the [Don Carlos' Famous Hat], exit instance, switch to normal mode, switch back to Heroic - reset - YAY he respawns! (Not sure quite how long Blizz will let that happen, but it worked last night). Here's the screenie with me chatting to my new doggie and welcoming him to the family.

And I leave you with a shot of the 3 amigos who got their silly hats and cute doggies. A guildie has the patterns for the rest of the gear - just need to farm some stupid mageweave to get them. More bag space required... I still think the shaman should have had a go for the hat too - being a ghost wolf with a doggie running with you would be so cool. Shame my shaman is only level 23 or I'd be after that with her.

Oh, after all that Lori went and nuked Sethekk Halls again to help some guildies and she's well on the way to level 69. Son is playing her again - he's keen to do some pvp with her and is working on the final bits of Terokkar and Zangarmarsh for me. Ah - some parts of school holidays are good!

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