Friday, 4 July 2008

Is my Blog title right?

A lovely email I got from Auzara made me question the title of my blog. So far I've not covered any of the "Mum" type stuff that made me pick the name. It may be because I've been so busy multiple-murdering Frost Lord Ahune every night that people are afraid to contact me. Either that or I've missed the messages because the fight is soooo hectic for a healer.

Maybe it's because it's quiet over the summer and folks are just chilling, but there have been few "Seph - what are we doing tonight" messages, or the "Seph, can you organise something". Funny how what used to wind me up, now makes me feel unwanted and unloved because it is missing. Can't win huh?

This week we've had a bigger lull in the sign-ups as the issue of old-school raids is back. It's probably my fault (that's a Mum trait - blame yourself) - a very old WOW friend (Whoopzi) mentioned to me that he missed Ragnaros. We used to be in the same hardcore guild and had a first Raggy kill together. So last weekend I organised the MC run that I posted about. It went great and we had some fun. But now some in the guild want to go back and do all the old-school instances. To be honest I'm finding it a bit frustrating. We will need 25 or more people I think to defeat BWL and AQ40, let alone Naxx. Yes, I know it's been soloed by a Resto druid or whatever, but let's face it - this guild is not quite of that standard!

My challenge is that if we can get 25 people to go visit an old instance "that I've never seen before", why can't we get 25 people to see a new one that MOST of us have never seen before, that we might actually get something that could benefit one of us from... I don't want to go to BWL and wipe (which I'm sure we will, we need Onyxia cloaks and stuff and ppl can't even farm mana potions for Outlands instances, let alone farm Onyxia scale cloaks) - I did enough of that before. I'd rather go see somewhere new and wipe.

Now look - I've gone all off topic and vented again.... It must be because I'm kind of distracted by daughter and her Brio train track construction that I'm having to participate in.

Hmmm - I think I may have to move my Blog writing time from the day to the evening. Back, hopefully somewhat more coherently later...

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