Monday, 7 July 2008

Stuck in the Doldrums

Meaning: In low spirits; feeling dull and drowsy.

Origin: The Doldrums is the region of calm winds, centered slightly north of the equator and between the two belts of trade winds, which meet there and neutralize each other. It is widely assumed that the phrase 'in the doldrums' is derived from the name of this region. Actually, it's the other way about. In the 19th century, 'doldrum' was a word meaning 'dullard; a dull or sluggish fellow' and this probably derived from 'dol', meaning 'dull' with its form taken from 'tantrum'. That is, as a tantrum was a fit of petulance and passion, a doldrum was a fit of sloth and dullness, or one who indulged in such.

This is the state of my guild. Nobody is signing up to anything. People come online, whine about nothing happening and log off again. I'm sure some WANT to do stuff, but the motivation isn't there. I'm not sure why. I want to continue in SSC, TK and maybe even try a first few bosses in MH or BT. But we can't get enough people. We can't even seem to get enough to finish off ZA. We have good geared people, but they all seem to want to be messing with their alts and getting gear for them. Why don't we want to get gear for our mains?

I'm confused. If the reason for not raiding is that WotLK will negate all gear, fair enough, but why then want a Kara raid to gear an alt? Is it because it's easy, familiar, or what? Have you not decided what characted to take through to 80 and want them all geared just in case?

We got 24 people to go to MC for a fun run, but can't get more than 7 or 8 signing for SSC - why?

We're losing people from the guild. OK, so maybe they didn't have quite the same fit as some of us, but they were good players, who raided late with the rest of us and wanted to be a part of the laid-back guild. Now we're so laid back we're practically bloody horizontal.

WotLK could be MONTHS off yet - my guess is that it will be out in time for Christmas, possibly November, but certainly not before. (Amazon UK says 30th September, US says 3rd November). So are we all going to mooch about picking flowers and fishing until then? I'm not sure I'm going to last that long. My feet are getting itchy. I want some action. I want something to DO, and not just running countless alts through all the instances I've done 100 times already.

Am I unusual in that I only play one character? I just can't seem to get any of my alts past level 40. I'm not enjoying any of them as much as I do my priest. I only want to heal and it's kind of hard to level a druid as resto - she's got to lvl 34. My hidden Shaman (not in the guild - OMG I have a character NOT in the guild) is level 24 and I just can't play a Paladin.

Oh dear - I've gone completely off track and ranted again. But hey - that's what I made this blog for, so I could rant. It keeps me away from the guild recruitment forums. I really don't want to have to move from my guild - I've been here 18 months - these people are more to me than just pixels - but I want more. I want my cake AND eat it.

Actually - all I want is to raid a bit. Not every night, but just a bit. Sometimes. Please?


Amaryllis said...

For me its a combination of things.
Ive been there done that and whilst im happy in the colder months to revisit stuff etc, when the sun is shining and its light so late, i want to be outdoors having long relaxing dinners with wine, not sat staring at the computer.
As for the alt thing, i lack focus :p. At the beginning of an expansion etc, i find it easy to focus on one character, but at this stage of the game where ive run all the instances more times than i care to remember, doing it again and again from the same perspective holds no interest for me.
I like alts because i believe that playing multiple toons gives you the best understanding of your opponents in pvp and of game mechanics in general.
As for people, adults in particular "needing" entertaining, my mother always used to say when as a child i complained about lacking stuff to do,
"only the boring get bored darling". It might not be true, but it works wonders at shutting up people who expect you to amuse them all the time :D

Amaryllis said...

Maybe post this on the guildforums, people are logging, saying they are bored, waiting 5 mins and then logging off so they should identify with it and perhaps that way something can be done about it.

Rakhman said...

This altaholism has also started affecting our raids, although they are low level ones to Kara and ZA. Where before we could get to Curator on one night and maybe Aran, now increasingly people want to bring their alts along to the early karazhan for gear and experience. Unfortunately this means we don't get as far in an evening, and those experienced toons are carrying some of the newer toons along. This sadly then affects how far we can get later in the week, whereas before we'd have a crack at Prince on our last raiding night, now we sometimes find ourselves facing the Curator and trying to push on to Aran and maybe try Nightbane.

I think people in our guild are basically no longer interested in collecting badges and trying to gear up for ZA. They are more interested in running alts through "easy" raid instances and collecting gear. The only problem is that a lot of people are doing this, and they can't all be carried, thus the sudden set back in progression. I'm not sure what the answer to this is, we are a guild that raids, not a raiding guild, so we don't have a fixed roster, so banning alts is probably not the answer for us. I guess we shall have to grin and bear it, meanwhile we shall all have to get alts into Kara and effectively reset our progression back to struggling on Moroes and Curator.

Mushy said...

Or just block a certain amount of alts. My main had ran Kara god knows how much, never needed any gear from there but ran it all the same. I just didn't go Kara in the end, then I took my rogue when I could, it's now SSC / TK geared for if melee DPS is needed over mage DPS, but I sign to new content with my mage.

I have 2 other 70's but I won't take those to Kara, I've seen all the fights in there now as caster DPS and melee DPS, no need to take a hunter or a lock really apart from to experience Kara as one of those classes, but I'd also take the effort to gear up some before I went in, my rogue didn't go in with fresh greens, it at least had good gear albeit PvP orientated, it had decent DPS (and I did know all the fights in my advantage).

For me the alt game is a tricky one, I hate leveling, really really hate it, but when there's nothing to do and Ally are being the usual waste of time in BG's I might as well go and level another alt, however I'm of the complete oppossite to Seph, I hate healing and like killing :P My druid will level feral, my pala retadin, war dps, priest shadow. Might respec at 70 but not before.

Gruffer said...

For my sake i will go back to Karazhan wery soon with my paladin Lisinita. There are 2 reason for this. I will be gearing up side by side with my wife Kaiza (Maria's Main). Also i am realy looking forward to seeing the place from a healers perspektive. With my main Gruffer i will never be signing up for any 10 man content again, I havn't seen much in ZA but for some reason i dont feel any needs to go there. And i have seen plenty of kara as melee dps or tank. About 25 man raids. I sign up to all of those i possibly can with Gruffer and every raid night i cross my fingers that we will get the raid going. However i like my alt's and as up now i am just fine by playing them, again this is mainly becaurse i am playing side by side with my wife. I have seen all of ssc and i realy love the fights in there. Also i would love to take a shoot at mh or BT before next expansion come out. But this guild provide the players alot of freedom including the ability to NOT sign up to raids and i knew that before i took the journey to this server and accept it.