Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Guild Website Down

Oh nooo - my guild website is down. I feel like I've lost an arm or something. I know not many people actually post, but, but .... I'm lost! I can't check it every so often. I can't set up the raids that nobody is signing up for because the sun is shining. I can't post funny jokes I find.

Isn't it funny how we miss the little things? It's hard to remember how I coped before the internet - it's like one great big reference book and I LOVE books, information, data, funnies, ... all those things.

Even though I have a lot of the guild on my MSN contact list I still feel cut off and alone all of a sudden.

1 comment:

Cynra said...

Ack! While my old guild's website wasn't too active, I was always very active there. I'd have been heartbroken if I found that it was down! At least you have this blog to use for rambling and communication, yes?

<crosses fingers that website is back up soon!>