Thursday, 24 July 2008

Fun in the Caverns of Time

Well, Lori went playing in the Caverns of Time last night. She had a blast. The first run was a Black Morass run with a paladin tank, 2 rogues, a hunter and a chicken, who was healing. Was a pretty smooth run. The only roguely loot was the [Hourglass of the Unraveller], which the hunter won (which was more than fair because he'd lost rolls on it 4 times before). Son was a bit upset about it, but I knew Lori would go again, so it didn't bother me.

I gathered a LOT of leather, so was happy anyway - just need the time to actually level up my leather working.

The paladin and hunter had other stuff to do, so left the party, but some more guildies came on who actually needed to do BM for various quests and stuff. Some hadn't done the Durnholde pre-quest so we went and rescued Thrall again. The group this time was 2 rogues, priest, shaman (dps/healing spec) and our chicken. Since the druid armour is the same in Moonkin form as Bear form we decided we'd give it a try with the chicken tanking (personally I think he's lost his bear form button, or has an aversion to playing while looking at a furry bottom).

It worked. Having 2 saps helped a fair bit. Lori won a new LW pattern [Pattern: Stylin' Adventure Hat] - as if I needed more encouragement to level my skills! Anyway, we did it all fairly smoothly.

Discussion about BM followed. Being the sort of guild we are - we have a reputation for doing things in a more unorthodox fashion - we decided to try. Lesson of the day - you can't do BM with a chicken tanking. Dragons eat chickens for dinner. At this point it was getting a little late - the other rogue had an early start so left to go to bed, but fortunately we found a "proper" tank to replace him.

We summoned the warrior and proceeded to completely annihilate the place. This run was Loriennes run. I think she topped the dps (I finally got my new dagger spec sussed) and won 3 - yes THREE new toys. She won the [trinket], new [gloves] to go with her set (3 bits now) and finally a lovely sword for her off-hand [Latro's Shifting Sword].

To be honest I'm not sure how long I'll keep the sword - it looks very silly - the damn thing drags on the ground and for me just doesn't fit with the idea of a rogue sneaking about. How on earth can you sneak with that enormous thing hanging from your belt?

Oh and just to get on the band-wagon, because I have a baby druid (level 34 or something) and this posting is talking about one of my very good druid friends - I just have to say Foshizzle! If you've not seen this yet, you don't blog read enough! Get a cuppa, find some time, do a search and check out BigRedKitty, then BigBearButt (and all the links he gives) and you will understand (hopefully).


Mushy said...

If oomkins have the same armour as bears how come my rogue rips through normal / oomkin / kitty but hits a bear for like 3.

More to the point, why would a oomkin need that much armour anyways!

TheBigBearButt said...

I would like to answer that one...

the reason the moonkin is squishier than a bear, is the same reason that my bear is tons squishier than normal when in kitty gear;

Bear form (and Moonkin) multiplies your equipped armor rating.

My leather kitty gear, optimized for high Agility, Attack Power, Hit Rating and Crit %, consequently has much lower base armor value, dodge and health than my tanking set.

For Moonkin, whose leather itemization SUCKS, the poor chicken is probably in a mix of leather and cloth caster gear with high Spell Hit, Spell Crit and +Damage.

Cloth gear is not known for it's high stamina and armor value, let alone leather spellcaster gear.

I hope that answers your question!

TheBigBearButt said...

Oh and one more follow up... there IS a small subsect of druids that love Moonkin that try to work out ways to set up a spec and gear set that will let them main tank.

Nasirah in Sidhe Devils, of Alts Ahoy, is working on her gear for this right now. Might want to drop her a line on her blog if you're interested in her current results.

Sephrenia said...

OMG! Mr BigBearButt came to my blog! *Glows with pride* Thanks so much for your comments Mr Bear. I will pass your information on to my druid friend - I think he'll be very interested.

Mushy said...

Ah so it's just because the oomkin is gearing (forced) like a mage trying to tank, that explains it, i cut through mages like they wern't there as well :P

I still think a owl shouldn't have a high armour count though due to the fact it's an owl :P

BRK said...

BigBearButt was here? Where!?! We wanna see!