Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Karazhan - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Well, having experienced two sides of Karazhan this week I thought I'd reminisce a bit about it.

My guild first entered back in March 2007. We've never had the people to pull of a "standard" raid and anyway my guild does not do things by the book. We've never been conventional and followed strict "must have class x" guidelines. Back in those early days, we dared to do Black Morass WITHOUT a mage. That sort of thing.

Anyway... Karazhan. We had some fun on our first night ever. I can't remember if we downed Attumen - I think we did, but my memory has faded somewhat. After that anyway it took us over 2 months to down Moroes. The lovely Sephrenia was Exalted with the Violet Eye before we managed it! When we did finally get there we had an unconventional group - we had 2 bear tanks. I think this kind of upset the warriors a bit, but to be honest, I've always found it easier to heal bears. Maybe because my husband plays one and we levelled together, but I don't know.

It took us another while to get Maiden. We used to skip her and go to Opera unless we were feeling brave. Curator was moderately easy I think by comparison. I hate the Maiden fight. I hate being useless for however many seconds her repentance thing lasts - watching the tank health go down and down. On a side note - if you're playing a melee, but CAN heal please do here. You're not asleep - you can heal you tank and avoid a wipe. Hell, even a well used bandage might save the day. Missing a few bits of dps won't matter if we last through the next sleepy time. I found this old screenie of a dead Maiden. It's probably best NOT to ask what the Holydorf was up to - I don't think it's very virtuous though.

Our next major stumbling block was Aran and he's the main reason for my post. This week I've visited Aran in 2 different groups and as 2 different roles. Lorienne saw him 2 nights running and had a wipefest each time. Sephrenia saw him last night and one shotted him. There were, admittedly, differences between the groups - Lori's group was a bunch of alts and new 70s. Sephs was a group of experienced, well geared players with only 2 healers and 10 dps. The key failing for me was that in Lori's group some people could not follow instructions. It drives me mad. It makes me sad. He's such an easy boss, but we wiped and wiped.

Happily, Sephrenia got 15 badges. Sadly Lori didn't - and she didn't get any loot either. But if I've learned anything from my experiences in Kara, it's that patience and persistence pays, so I'm taking Lori again tonight. Please cross your fingers for SOME leather drops.

This post was going to be a bit longer, but my daughter is begging me to play WOW with her - what a chip off the old block she is! At 7 years old, she has a level 33 rogue - we do quests together - I play my baby druid (lvl 34) so I can heal her a bit. She does fantastically well - she's even made a bank alt to sell her stuff (that's her Dad's influence). She's a lot braver than me though - she does pvp.


Nightpaw said...

oh, believe me, I do have my fingers crossed for "SOME leather drops" tonight ;) will cross them for some nice rogue stuff for you too tho :)

You know you can use Shadow Word: Death right before repentence? The damage to you is slightly delayed, so it jerks you back into conciousness :) just can be hard to time right when you're busy dispelling stuff and everything. But if you hate feeling useless it can't hurt to try :)

Muron said...

Or you can run forward into her consecrated take 1-2 ticks during repentance and step back. I do that as a ranged DPS even, it's not much damage and if everyone does it, it actually makes maiden much easier. The other thing you can do is have the tank drag her consecrate onto a healer.

Gruffer said...

I would have said something here, but i better not