Saturday, 12 July 2008

The long-lost Rogue returns: Introducing Lorienne

Lorienne has returned! She has been on extended vacation, or something and last night she showed up, out of the blue, for a SP and BF run with some guildies who are about levels 62-23.

I think she's been off with some guy she fell madly in love with, but she's not saying. There are hints of her former self coming through - the odd wicked grin, a bit of a flirt, a kiss.... Hopefully she will dust of some of her wardrobe again too - her spanking outfit is a wondrous sight. (In my old guild people who didn't behave, or was it who did behave?, were spanked - by Lori. Did you know it's hard to find a weapon in the game that resembles a whip - I always wanted one like the Succubi have, but the closest thing I got was a fishing rod).

Her skills are slowly returning too - although she's a bit concerned that someone has given her a mace and a sword instead of daggers (I let my son borrow her for a while - argh!). She never was the best skilled rogue, but against level 62/63 moonkins she topped the damage meters (huzzah).

Somehow along the way I think her troubles came through and she lost control of her mind for a while and accidentally killed the priest and 2 druids. She didn't quite manage to kill the level 70 tank we had, but she added to his scars a bit I think. Bet they were a little sad she remembered to put on poisons (note to self - find poison applying add-on).

More adventures of Lori coming soon I'd imagine. She's such a tart, I'm not sure she will be able to hold herself back.


Dan said...

Were you refering to the tanks mental or physical scars, cos he has enough of both thanks without an insane Rogue trying to reshape his armor with maces ;-)

IllĂ­ :-)

Anonymous said...

I havent recovered yet from yesterdays run...

On of the druids who died ;-)



Amaryllis said...

Screenie of spanking outfit please? :D

Meryllium said...

you topped the meters because dipster was healin and i had a bit of healing and lost cast time when i overaggroed :) was fun tho!