Monday, 30 June 2008

Things that make me go "Oooooh!"

OK, so I think I got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning - I'm feeling decidedly grumpy. It may somewhat stem from 38 kills of Frost Lord Ahune and STILL no sign of a pet.

But today has just gone wrong. First, I did the fire festival quests in Stormwind - went OK - nobody else about, so managed to complete them without making a fool of myself. Hearthed back to Shattrah.

Fishing quest (still not got ANY of the crocodile pets yet) - catch the big Mudfish chappie quest, so off to a quiet spot right outside Garadar. Start to fish, notice a pool of pure water - "oooh - I'll have that" says Seph. "Oh no you won't" says nasty horde mage who pops up and kills me. Yes, pure innocent, can't kill a thing, me. Some days I wish we could heal horde to death - I'd manage to kill LOADS of them if we could do that. Sadly I managed to embarass myself in guild chat at the same time as I was in the middle of a message, which ended with "gggaawdddaaddww" as I madly tried to shield myself (bound to key G) and run off.

Job done (Hordie gone when I managed to run back), I went to Dark Portal for the daily fire quest - easy peasy kill, even for a Holy priest. Then, and only then, do I remember I need to go back to Stormwind to get my new dress. D'oh. Fortunately I managed to grab a guildie and pull the old "hearth back for free from Stockade" trick.

So - I put it on - where's my fire-filled hands? Hmmm - maybe I need to do more collecting. Actually no - I did a bit of reading and you have to /dance or click on the item to get the fire. Why don't they make these things clear for people having bad days? (Oh bugger - just been in to take a screenie and they do "Use: Add some spark to your dance moves!" - double D'oh).

And on a last note - while all this was going on I was approached by a complete stranger. "Hello" he opened with. "Hello", I replied, not wanting to be rude. Well, actually screaming inside to be rude, but refraining. He then proceeded to ask me if our guild would like to merge with theirs for 25 man raids. Having chatted for a while I worked out that his guild raids at 18:00, ours at 22:00, his guild has 29 members, ours has 91, his guild is fairly new, ours has been going a year. I found it somewhat "odd" that he STILL felt we were compatible and asked for the names of our currently active people. Unable to hold back any more I asked him why he wanted this information and if he was going to try to poach some of our members (as if...). At this point I think he got fed up with my line of questioning (although I did suggest he post on our forum and the Council could discuss it) and left me hanging with a "Oh, guildie needs help - cya M8". Oh dear - that killed it didn't it! If there is one thing someone can do to upset me it's call me M8.

1. It's "mate".
2. I'm a GIRL (well, woman) - boys are mates, girls aren't.
3. I'm NOT your friend - we've been chatting for 5 minutes tops - this does not make me your friend. In fact, from the discussion we had and the feeling that you'd like your tiny little guild to swallow up ours, it really doesn't bode well for us becoming "M8s" in the future.

Ahhhhh - now that feels better out there! Precicely one of the reasons I made this blog, so I can rant to my heart's content and get it off my chest. Thanks all for listening, if you still are, which I wouldn't be surprised if you're not - even I had to go have a lie down after my experiences!


Softi said...

Yay I'm not the only girl who feels a lil strange when people call her 'mate'!

Pilfkin said...

Yay for another Mom in Wow! And double yay for one who uses her blog to vent about stuff... I'll be back regularly so keep writing!