Thursday, 4 December 2008

I has a sad

Well, I knew it was likely. I thought it wouldn't upset me. It did and it has. A lot of my guild have done very well and got to 80 and, seeing other people calling for PUG groups to Naxx, have decided to schedule some for the guild. I am only level 76. I stupidly thought that it would be like TBC - get to level 80, do some heroics and prepare for Naxx. It isn't. People seem to be going straight for Naxx. Without me. I figured I would have a few months to sort myself out, see the new content and stuff and that I would be OK with that. I'm not.

This will be the first guild raid that I will not be in the first steps somewhere and it's hurting. It's also annoying because it's only a game and I'm having a lot of fun playing with Barkie, taking my time and stuff. But a small part of me is dying inside that I'm being left out.

I hate the way I'm feeling. Reading Seri's post doesn't make it any easier. We lost a guildie to a raiding guild recently. She was a priest, in MP5 gemmed gear. I am a priest and I don't have MP5 gemmed gear (read the article to understand that). She even asked the other day how to gem her gear, didn't listen and put in MP5 gems anyway. I read, I work hard to improve, I KNOW how to play my class. I love being a priest and I think I'm quite good at it. Oh, I don't really know what I'm thinking or where this is going and I'm not even sure I'm thinking straight having only had 5 hours sleep last night.

But I'm sad, confused, lost, hurt yet also happy too that the guild is going to be doing stuff and that we hopefully won't lose any more players. I don't like people leaving the guild, although generally those that do weren't quite a "fit" for the guild anyway. But I'm worried that the loot hungry, keen for progression people who do fit will want more. I knew it would happen, I said it wouldn't affect me, but it does. I want a "Guild Mum" who I can cry on now.

I think I need some chocolate..... this is currently top of my list of dairy free chocolate - I have 3 bars in my desk drawer.... they are calling to me.

OK, that was a rant, a vent, a little bit of a whine. I've thrown my toys out of the pram and am going to go back to bed to lick my wounds. Hopefully I will wake up brighter and happier and remember that this isn't RL, it's not that important really in the grand scheme of things. Tonight I will try to get to level 77 and be able to fly again and that will feel good.

Think positive, Seph, think positive... *cries*


eidheann said...

I know how you feel... My guild started running Naxx 25 over the weekend, when the original plan was sometime after the holidays. So my little priest butt (class lead, no less!) is still at 76 while everyone is off doing fun stuff without me.

It sucks. It hurts. But I keep reminding myself that it was my CHOICE to go slowly. I don't level quickly under the best circumstances (frankly, I'm a BAD leveler) and if I'd rushed to 80 in a week, I wouldn't be wanting to look at Naxx anyway.


- Jov

Seri said...

I can sympathize, this is a rough time for raid guilds because there are always folks who level faster than others and are eager to get started... but just because you don't level super fast doesn't mean that you're not a dedicated raider or that watching from the sidelines is easy. heck, I leveled up to 80 in the first week of the expansion, but I was *still* benched for our first two 25-man raids last week. It sucks, but it's all part of the cycle. Things will get better, just take your time and enjoy the expansion. It's only new once.

If your guild is starting to raid, hopefully you won't lose any more impatient people to raid guilds, but on the up side... if the priest you lost wasn't listening to advice and doing things wrong is it really a huge loss?



Space said...

Dont worry seph, so you wont be in for the annyoing wipes, all the temper and yelling going arround.
You will join later when all is smoother and get your phat leets and you are going to do it so many times it's gonna make you sick.

Anonymous said...

As much as I like getting to see more content now Im 80 and doing naxx I wished i had, had a little more time before heading into raiding to do the things I wanted to do to prepare but that might change a little once guilds have trouble in the 10-25 man transition and people get benched.

Kerah said...

So sorry to hear how you feel about this all Seph. But just like Space told you, you'll eventually get there, do it a thousand times, and then do it some more.

I know those guild firsts are exciting and you want to be there, but there will be many more times when you'll be able to bang your head against the wall that is progress.


Tisias said...

For me when raiding and dailies becomes the main reason to log on it = major suckage

I hate having limited new content to explore and the rep grinds

Luckily i've hit 78 in Zul'drak and I would anticipate hitting 80 in the early parts of the STV 3.0 zone so i should still have 2 fully unexplored area to run round and keep me entertained between things at 80. I don't anticipate being gear ready for Naxx until at least a month after hitting 80.