Friday, 5 December 2008

100 posts - a Thank You

Well, after yesterday's sadness I thought I'd inject a little happy today.

I DO have a lot to be happy about. This is my 100th post. When I started I didn't really see it going on this long, or getting this far, so thank you all for reading, commenting and supporting me.

Thank-you to my Husband (Barkie), my bear/cat/chicken/tree (for a little while for me so I could do a guild all druid run). Our lives have at times felt a little like WOW - a long, never-ending journey of quests. We've collected our own pets - our beautiful, wonderful, gifted children. We've set our hearth and changed it a few times. We've failed a few quests, but have re-taken them and completed them. But we've done it all together. He's my best friend (permanently on my friends list), my happy-fun rock, my soul-mate. He tolerates my collecting obsessions, my drama, my ups and downs and without him I would be a spirit unable to release.

I'd like to thank my guild. If I was to spend all day typing I'd still forget someone who I should mention from my past and present, something that someone has done for me - I appreciate everything all of you have done and still do for, with and because of me . It's not fair to name particular people because I talk to and share so much with so many of you, and each of you are special to me in so many different ways. Some I chat to, some I whine at, some make things for me, some farm things for me, some I make things for, some I take the mickey out of, some laugh perpetually at me. We've had so many fun times, times where I have laughed until I cried. We've had times that have made me cry for other reasons. But we're still together, we're growing, developing, sharing, enjoying and having FUN!

This stupid game means so much more to me that just a game - it's a large part of my social world. I treat all of you as my friends - real friends. I know I've never met most of you and probably never will, but to me, it feels like I have. Every time I play the game you touch my heart. Probably too much sometimes, but you do.

Thank you to all the other bloggers out there who provide me with inspiration, admiration, laughs, ideas, lists... I know my blog roll needs a lot of work - it doesn't match my feed list, but I read and follow so many wonderful lives. If you do one thing today - read a blog - it can brighten your day, it can make you emotional, it can give you a new idea.

So - as I achieve my "100 posts" - I'd like to give you all a reward - much love, hugs and kisses. Thank you all. The sun is shining, life is good, live it to the full, experience all you can and share it with someone else.

A little motto I'd like to leave you with today - "If you see someone without a smile - give them one of yours". One for you all :-) xxx Seph


Anonymous said...

grats! - once you hit 100 your pretty much well on your way to 200 :P

Softi said...


What a sweet post. :)


Kerah said...

Seems like you dinged 100 much faster in here than in WoW, Seph =D

Congratulations on the first 100, here's to the 1000!