Friday, 12 December 2008

Almost there, almost there, stay on target, stay on target...

Yay - I got another Star Wars quote in :)

Sephrenia is now lvl 79. Barkie and I ran Violet Hold and Gundrak last night and both dinged in the process.

I had a little trouble with the healing because one of our guildies has named his pet gorilla Barkie (quite aptly as well, as it happens). Grid couldn't cope! Both were showing as druids and both showed the same health, magic, disease etc. I made sure I kept MY Barkie alive but sadly pet Barkie died. His was the only death though, so I was happy.

There was some strange "dancing" going on though...

We were crying laughing. I love crying laughing - it makes me feel alive.

Barkie and I will try for 80 over the weekend, but there's still no rush. Reading my diary last night I noticed an interesting thing. When TBC came out, it took us exactly a month to level from 60 to 70. We bought TBC on 16th January 2006, and hit 70 on February 16th 2006. We bought WotLK on November 13th and on Saturday it will be December 13th. I'm mentally allowing for us to ding on Sunday 14th, as January has 31 days and November only 30, but it's good to know that we're consistent anyway! (Yeah, yeah, consistently slow, I know).

Thinking back I've enjoyed this levelling more than I did TBC. Everything seems so much better, more fun, more scenic, better thought through. I love it.

Have a great weekend all. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...

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