Thursday, 11 December 2008

I just love Wrath of the Lich King

So - I got over my fit of pique at not going to Naxx, calmed down and continued to enjoy my slow and steady pace with Barkie.

I just love all the different things in WotLK - we've been wolves, threshers, hawks, water elementals, we've fired cannons, harpoons and tanks. My screenshot folder is full of glorious views. I'm kind of reminded of the time Barkie and I lived in Italy and went on a drive through the Dolomites. He had to stop the car every 5 minutes so I could take a photo that was SO much better than the one I took just before.

I particularly like this flying thing I went on...

I've made new friends - this one I wasn't too sure about, but he turned out to be pretty hand in a fight we had against some other evil dude..

We found a great use for Kobolds while farming some of the new spider silk for making spellthreads...

And I finally achieved my exalted status with the Kalu'ak.

and got my first WotLK epic - a lovely [Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole] so no more drowning for me - hurrah! I also got pet number 74 - [Pengu]

Happy girl!

One day I'm going to have to upload all my artistry and stuff too, but my posts seem to be full of screenshots already. Someone has posted a blog challenge for funny screenies, so that's on my to-do list as well.

I've got 4 bars to level 79 and Barkie and I may push this weekend for 80, finding quests should not be a challenge - picking the right ones to start with and start of the right rep and stuff could be - there's so much I want, so many places to visit. I need Oracles rep so I can continue on my pet collection with their egg. I want all the other reps for various bits of gear. I need cloth for my tailoring, herbs to start my alchemy, ..... the list is endless!

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