Wednesday, 17 December 2008

What a difference a week makes...

Well, so much for not playing much....

Ding 80 on Saturday, check out wow heroes and be imba and it seems I am OK geared for Naxx first bits.... so, given that we have a lack of healers at the moment, I sign up for Monday's raid.

On Sunday, I find a little gap in my day and head off to do a quick Heroic Violet Hold, also to act as a check that I could cope with healing at 80. I managed. I also snagged my first "proper" level 80 epic... [Azure Cloth Bindings]

Monday evening arrives and off we go to Naxx. We die first try on Anub'Rekhan because I didn't know not to move when I had the debuff. Ooops. Next time, we win.

We head off to Grand Widow Faerlina. The guild had had trouble with her the week before so we were a bit apprehensive. Pow - dead. YAY - much rejoicing.

Off to Maexxna... First try a healer and a dps get shut out - lesson to learn - get inside! But we had a good go and learnt what happened when people get wrapped up, so tried again. We had about 3% health left on her when both tanks died. Almost everyone else followed, but those left did enough damage to pull through and the nasty big spider bit the web :P

Seph managed to snag herself a new ring... [Timeworn Silken Band]

Now what - we'd done what we didn't think possible and cleared the Arachnid Quarter....

Off we went to see what Patchwerk looked like... He's UGLY. We cleared our way in - those streams HURT and eat all your mana.

We gave him a go - and he died too.

He dropped his rather tasty [Drape of Surgery]. One of the other healers (a Paladin, my Dad) had already won 2 items and the other healer said he was likely to go back to Feral in a month or so, so extremely gratefully, Seph took the cloak as well! What a night - 3 new bosses for the guild and 2 epix for Seph. All I wanted to do was go and participate a bit, but it was a fantastic evening.

Last night was going to be a TV night. We only had one other healer signed for Naxx and I wasn't in the mood for going. Barkie and I logged in for 10 minutes before TV and decided to have a quick go at Heroic VH again. We had a few challenges as one of our party was playing while on a train and had some lag issues, but we swapped him for another one (mages - 2 a penny - one dies, get another...) and managed to finish the place up. They were all keen to go somewhere else and Barkie said yes, so what else could I do? We went to try Heroic Drak'Tharon.

That was fairly easy too. The big raptor deaded us once, but we rallied and hit back harder. I died on the last boss - I'm not great at moving about and controlling other things, but Barkie did some healing, ressed me and we did it - woo hoo!

Seph got lucky again. She found some new gloves... [Overlook Handguards] and picked up another ring along the way too... [Spectral Seal of the Prophet]

Another good evening. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all at the moment - getting to 80, lucky drops, helpful generous guildies, ....

Today I've manged to do a bit of tailoring. I spent some gold on Moonshroud and another guildie crafted me a [Moonshroud Robe] and I made myself some [Aurora Slippers] and all of a sudden I'm looking a bit more level 80 priest-worthy.

We're back in Naxx on Thursday for another try at things after the reset. Tonight I'm going to try harder to have an evening off - I don't want Barkie to burn himself out and stop playing - but there's so much to do - so many zones to quest in, so much rep to gain, so many instances to try.... argh!

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