Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas Chilling

I've been a bit quiet here for a while. RL has been the opposite. Having the kids off and getting prepared for Christmas is HARD WORK. But I'm done. I survived. But I'm shattered now.

Seph and Barkie have been doing heroics. We've done a few, but I can't remember the names of them all. I get them confused. But they were good fun and we've been with a few different groups of guildies and shared ourselves around.

Barkie has been picking flowers for me, so my alchemy is now at 425 and I can make my own mana potions. My tailoring is at 430 and lots of lovely guild members are being very very generous and sending me cloth - I love you all.

I've been fishing in Ironforge for Old Ironjaw. I caught him once - first fish, but my autoloot messed up and it didn't register (didn't show for a GM who could not replace it for me either). I turned off autoloot and carried on fishing. As my bag space was limited I didn't loot all fishes, but clicked and autocast again - I use fishing ace. I was chatting away to my Dad who was here to stay and - you know what I'm gonna say - I fished him up again, autocast and missed looting him for the SECOND time in one day - what a complete and utter noob.

I got my Christmas present from Santa and crashed and thrashed about...

So I now have another title to choose from (picture quality is dubious - sorry)...

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