Monday, 29 December 2008

Bits and Pieces

Well, I bought my first badge loot... I got [Elegant Temple Gardens' Girdle]. I had a buckle made for it too. Yummy. I got a few other bits enchanted and felt very proud to be back over 2000 plus healing (well, spell power, or whatever you call it these days).

Did a few more heroics last night, which was fun. The guild did Archavon, but I wasn't really in the mood for raiding.

This morning Barkie woke me up 8.30 (it wasnt even light I don't think) with a delicate "do you fancy coming and healing Violet Hold Heroic?" he and 3 other guildies - the only mad fools online at the time of the morning were short on a healer. So, with the promise of a cup of tea, I dragged myself out of bed. Thus it was proved that I CAN actually heal in my sleep.

Today I've been quietly fishing in IF, trying (in vain) for the stupid fish. I had my Kirin Tor Familiar out to keep me company. I didn't realise (because I usually don't have sound on, but needed it for fishing) that he emotes arcane explosions every so often...

Little cutie that he is.

Right - time for a nap I think - stupid husbands and their mad ideas far too early in the morning!

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