Monday, 1 December 2008

OMG! I healed Halls of Lightning at level 75

I have such a headache! I healed Halls of Lightning tonight. Barkie and I (both level 75) joined a lvl 80 Warrior, lvl 80 Rogue and a 79 Warlock and we did it! No wipes, 5 deaths (3 for me, one for Barkie and an oops one for the warlock), but we did it!

Poor Barkie was seeing a LOT of missed spells, but back-up healed a bit when it was needed and it was amazing.

I realised again why I LOVE my priest. The range, depth and diversity of heals is incredible and I used them all this evening. I totally forgot to screenie anything, but just had to write this before I go to bed as I am so excited and so high.

Ah well - back to questing in Howling Fjord - we've not finished there yet because we keep getting side-tracked and going instancing, but it's all good fun and having 8 zones left at level 80 or whatever means more cash in the end I suppose ;)

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