Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Year - peace at last

Well, the kids are back at school. The house is quiet. I'm too tired to play. Barkie and I couldn't sleep the otehr night so took a leaf from some of our guildies books (wonder if Mariposa would mind me linking her blog here - better ask her first...) and tried to do some stuff on our own.

Barkie has given up being a chicken of doom for a while and gone back to his tanking. He's been secretly stashing spare feral gear and has spent a LOT of gold on mats for some other lovely guildies to craft into Blue Wellies and things for him.

Fresh and lively from a Sartharion kill (first time for both of us and new Gloves for me - wheee and yes, I need to sort out my UI STILL)...

...we decided to explore places alone. We started with Nexus, normal. Easy mode. Killed Ormorok with no problems - was kind of nice with just the 2 of us and nobody to tell to move out of the way of things. Mariposa and Lylia (our priest/warrior guild couple colleagues) have done quite a bit on their own in HC Nexus, so spurred us on to try it heroic.

We got past quite a bit of trash and came to the last pat before the boss. There were 2 lady horse things that heal and 2 evil trees. They won. We got close a couple of tries, but by this time it was 3.30am and daughter's wake up time of 7am was looming (hurrah for kids that reach the age when they can turn the TV on by themsleves). I'm sure with a few tweaks, frostweave nets, fear, stuns and stuff we can actually get to the boss and think he will be less of a challenge than the trash!

Other things that have made me happy include...

Having a drunken-filled New Year's Eve run to BRD to get some [Sulfuron Slammer]

We also watched the band, because someone had the remote. Then I realised I'd never done the BRD achievement, so we went and killed big chief bad guy (and all his cronies all around him - all at once - hee hee) and installed a new queen...

Much better!

I got my Wyrmrest Accord Exalted and bought some new boots and a Red Drake (who needs gold anyway). I have finally managed to get round to Oracles rep grinding and got my Mysterious egg which I now have to wait until next Monday to hatch. I found a White Tickbird (which sings like Lurky from time to time) on the AH at a low price, so bought it. I resisted on the 3500g price on the Cobra Hatchling I saw. Let's wait and see what I get from my first few eggs before spending ludicrous amounts on my pets. Still no croc from the croc quest, which is still stupidly rare on my server. And it's harder to remember to go check it every day now it's in Shattrah and I've moved to Dalaran.

Oh - on the Oracles rep thing - I was quite proud of myself as I managed to solo the boss where you have to keep your chosen friend alive. This was in spite of not realising quite what I was doing and half killing the Oracle guy first. Durrr. The fight went on for ever - I used my shadowfiend twice and took a potion. Luckily the boss was a caster and didn't hit me for much at all, so 12 minutes or so later I was a great friend of the Oracles and killer of puppies.

Basically I've been having some fun - have now done all the dungeons (finally went to The Oculus - hate it - nasty dragon controlling and stuff - I suck at that sort of thing), been cooking, fishing, tailoring, alcheming and enjoying myself. I've not got back into raiding yet - with Christmas and stuff I've just not felt like it.

But now the Council need to get sorted and work out a plan for the guild. Elections are due soon and quite a few of the current Council have had enough. People have been whining too much, it's all feeling a bit like we've grown too big and running the ship is VERY hard work - it's such a thankless task sometimes. The whole thing needs a good sort out and I've got that to look forward to for the next month or so. I think it probably merits a post all to itself so I think I'm going to leave it for now and have a sleep. I'll come back to that one when I'm feeling brighter, maybe!


Phox said...

Your UI looks like mine :)
Need to sitt down for a couple of min and sort it out too.

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