Sunday, 31 August 2008

Some random mumblings

Well, yesterday I spent all day trying to log on to beta. I finally got on about midnight. I rode to where I thought Dalaran was and couldn't get in :( I asked about and someone said it's quest at lvl 74, or ask a mage higher than level 74 for a portal. I went to the traditional place to ask for portals (Ironforge) and found a lovely level 80 mage who opened me a door to Dalaran.

I went, found a quest to go down to the ground and back up and am sorted - yay. Next up, find Breanni and get a pet fetch ball...

I played with Mojo and a ball for a while and went exploring a bit more. I found the inn and went up on to the rooftops. What a view...

And then it was time for bed.

Today, son has taken over my computer and is playing DeathKnight. I guess I'll wait until tonight, or when he goes back to school to get my go. To be honest I'm not sure what else to do. I've now done the things that excited me most about the new expansion - had a haircut, found Dalaran, played fetch. Am I too easily pleased? I'd like to try some of the new instances, but I'm not one for PUGs - there's 3 of us from my guild with keys, and Softi one of my blog readers (who I've yet to greet online), so that's almost a group, so maybe we can do something in the future.

On a different topic - my guild's Council elections are complete and I am still a member of the Council - hurrah! We have several new members and I'm looking forward to stepping out of the limelight a bit and letting them do some of the work.

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Aurik said...

Oooh ooohh!! I want to play with you guys too! I didn't realise you were an EU-ite, Seph (or I forgot... not an uncommon occurance for me.)

Just get Softi to give me a poke if you guys are looking for anyone to explore with!