Saturday, 30 August 2008

WotLK Beta-Key: Blessing or Curse?

Well, I finally decided that I would keep the beta-key and not pass it on to my fellow guildie who I know was also very very keen to have one. It was such a hard decision.

So - Thursday morning I started to download it - all 1.24 GB or something. We have fast broadband. It still took something like 6 hours. Finally got the loady screen thing - it said I needed another patch - another 1.24 GB. I left it going and went to bed.

Hurrah - Friday morning - can get in. I managed to get on on Sephrenia - but I have to change my name - I pick Sephrenya - it's close enough. I'm in - Argh! No buttons in the right places, no grid, no clue what the hell to do or where to go. I saw someone say you can get to Northrend from SW so I portal to SW. While there I get sidetracked by the barbers shop...

I go to the harbour in SW - it's very impressive. I get on the HUGE boat and set off. New loading screen - very exciting. OMG! Icebergs. We're here - I can't even remember the name of the place. Son wants a go, so I log out (it's taking too much time in the middle of the day anyway) and let him go in to make a DeathKnight.

I chat to my guild friend on MSN - that very morning he received his own Beta Key - I'm soooo happy.

Son makes a DK and plays happily until the servers go down. I get back from my afternoon shopping and try to log in - an hour and a half later - right at the time I need to put my little girl to bed, I finally get online. My druid has also been transferred, along with 11500 gold he borrowed from another guild friend - BIG TIP if you get a beta key - transfer all your gold to the characters in turn before you copy them to the test realms. I have now passed over that gold to Lorienne and set her on the way too.

I cook some dinner for Barkie and me and then find that the beta has gone down for a patch. It's kind of good because I'm trying hard to stick to my "no play on a Friday" rule, but it's very frustrating.

So - Saturday morning - get up and try to log in - another 538 MB patch to download. I have never been so annoyed at having something new and exciting in my life. I bet when I've downloaded the patch I still won't be able to get on because there are simply too many people trying. How anyone can actually TEST any of this is beyond me. I really think if Blizzard want stuff testing they should actually make it test-able. Not being able to log on and try is immensely irritating.

If I ever get back online I'll tell you a bit more about all the "girly" things I've found - I need to get to Dalaran to visit Breanni the pet collector :)

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amaryllis said...

All we need is one more than one EU beta server, only having one is just not enough. Its got worse and worse recently thats why ive pretty much given up playing in the daytime because being dced every 5 minutes is frustating to say the least.