Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Sephrenia stops picking flowers and takes up tailoring

Well, now I've got my druid all sorted with his swift flight form, I decided that having 2 herbalists was a bit much. Also I rather like the look of the [flying carpet thing] coming in WotLK.

And.... I had all that cloth lying around. (See this post).

So, yesterday evening I decided to give up the flowers and learn tailoring. It's the first time ever I've changed profession on a character - I thought about doing it before on Sephrenia, but didn't have my druid flower picker then and decided to keep it to go with my alchemy, even though the Primal Mooncloth set DID look very inviting. Anyway, I got my guides all printed off and ready, gathered up my materials and began about 6pm.

Lots and lots of my lovely guild friends helped me with donations of cloth, arcane dust and spider silk and I set off crafting. Allowing for food breaks and lots of character hopping to buy and post materials, I ended the evening (about midnight) with a skill level 371. I ran out of energy, time and netherweave cloth and so I went to bed.

The guide said I needed all this for 360-375 - eeek (and that was MINIMUM).

This morning I logged in to find MORE cloth and spider silk in my mailbox. I needed to craft 4 garments to make the skill last point (cleared out the AH to get enough cloth) - but I'm there - I have 375 tailoring skill. YAY. Now I just need to go round all the vendors and collect the patterns I'm missing so my training is more complete. I know I don't need any of them (or the primal mooncloth set stuff), but I like to be complete.

If Blizzard take out the magic carpets now I'm gonna sue! I mean - how cool does that look? A great big THANK YOU to all who gave me things to help me level - you all know who you are and I love you all to bits. HUGS all round.


Rehnkal said...

**pat on back**
At least you're through it now.

Personally I've never changed profession. Lack of a profession has usually been solved through alts. Which reminds me, have to bump my shaman into herbing. Inscription is coming the 3.0 patch for wow (before WoTLK), and I got 2 open profession spots on her.

Last thing. Are you turning altoholic? Priest, druid and rogue. Even I didn't have that many high levels until after I moved from Magtheridon.

PS. Project 630 is almost complete. Only lack a priest, and she's 65. Seriously rethinking about using priest as healer again in WotLK.
Also maxed all professions. With heavy help from friends and the dailies.

Sephrenia said...

Well, the druid doesn't really count as he was given to me by my son. And now I have 2 healers I don't want to play my rogue at all, so no, I don't think I'm altoholic yet :)

Softi said...

Awesome! I don't think I'd have had the patience to do that all evening. :)
I am looking forward for my little mage to get his flying carpet - how awesome will that be!! :D