Thursday, 7 August 2008

I can haz Durid

Well, what a turn up for the books! Yesterday our guild was holding a druid only Karazhan run. I was a little sad that I could not take part.

Barkie (my husband) was busy working, so I came up with the great idea of re-speccing him to be a healing priest-like druid so I could take him to the run. I spent half the morning sorting through his bags and banks and making him into a tree.

Son (the darling) muttered to me (he's at that grunting age) "You can have my druid Mum". OMG! I can haz level 70 durid! I quickly binned one of my low level characters and transferred his druid (stupidly called Dunnomyname) to my account. OMG! OMG! I have a level 70 druid - I never thought I'd have a level 70 druid - my little baby druid is only level 35. The only down side is that it's a BOY druid. I've never played a male character. Good job I can spend most of my time as a tree to disguise this. This tree is very nicely geared - son did a bit of BT and MH with it before he got bored of healing and went back to playing his Orc Warrior. I think I've got about 1850 plus healing. /flex.

Barkie came home early and was a bit less than pleased that his lovely feral druid had been transformed into a tree. But we were short of healers anyway, so he joined the raid too. With my Dad in there as well, we had almost half a raid of my family!

So here we all are at the start of the raid. We had 3 trees, 2 moonkins, 2 mostly bears and 3 mostly cats. I say mostly because some are better geared to be bears than cats and some the other way round.

Having the possibility of 10 innervates, 10 battle resses, 10 hurricanes, etc. was amazing! We quickly swept throught he stables and saw off Attumen. Moving on to Moroes gave a wealth of choices - we could Prowl past a lot of the mobs. Sadly, some slightly less than cautious cats pulled a few, but we sorted out our hurricanes and healing and stuff and kicked butt. Who needs mages? Well, we could have done with some water for our Chickens actually, but...

After celebrations on the way we moved to Moroes, who was "interesting" - we ran out of Mana a bit fast because of the draining, and then died, but rebirth gives some mana back, so problem sorted. Moroes died.

We stealthed the whole corridor to Maiden. We thought we could heal through the Holy Fire. We could, all was going well - then BAM! All our melee died. I think we got the bad side of a Holy Ground. We decided that Maiden was a bad idea and thought we'd go and see the Opera instead.

We sneaked past all the stupid backstage mobs and straight to Barnes, who kindly started the show for us. We got Romulo and Julianne (kind of relieved it wasn't Oz). The hardest thing we found was her healing. Feral charge seemed to be about the only thing that would stop it. We had rushing bears all over the place. Lots of people died and lots of rebirths were used, but in the end (it was VERY long fight) they died!

I rallied the troops round and with a resounding FOSHIZZLE, we called it a night. (No comments on the messy UI - not had time to tidy it up yet).

We had no teleport Shattrah, so we used the only teleport we had, and went for a party in Moonglade!

I was a bit pleased with my healing - son had given me a few tips before we raided and it seemed to have worked.

So - the name... I could not spend my days playing a druid called Dunnomyname, so I searched for a new name. I looked up "Tree of Life" and one of the things I found was "Sephiroth" - this looked good to me - I can still be called Seph, which is great. Sephiroth was taken, so I read about a bit more and found simply "Sephirot". It was done! Seph, the healy druid is born!

Now - to sort those bars... and to work out how to kill stuff if I need to... and to FLY! Yeah - instant flight form - I can pick flowers with ease.


Softi said...

druid kara this week too! Check our aurik's post and vid on it at :)

Softi said...

Hmm, I keep getting the first half of my comments cut off... that was supposed to read "we did a..."

*must learn to be more patient!

Sephrenia said...

I saw Aurik's post too (and commented). I nearly didn't post mine, because I didn't want to flood the blogosphere with Druid Kara runs. There must be something in the Druid vibes at the moment that is making LOTS of people do these amazing runs! Was such fun there was no way I could NOT write about it.

Aurik said...

Awesome, really nice! Great minds think alike, indeed - I'm glad you posted to be honest, the druid community is one which revels in its ability to do things together <3

Gratz on the new druid, by the way!