Monday, 11 August 2008

Poor Lorienne....

I went and bought an Epic Flappy, but NOT for Lorienne. I gave it to Sephirot - well, he's a miner and a herbalist and it's so SLOW doing them with normal flappies, even with normal birdie form. He got a blue one to match his blue hair.

Lorienne is a bit cross, but like I told her - she just instances, gets a summon there and a portal home - she doesn't really need an Epic flappy just yet. She can wait a bit for Sephirot to bring in the cash and then have one!

Then Sephirot went and started the quest chain for swift flight form. OMG! He had to kill some stuff. Very strange. I'm kind of pleased I have another level 35 druid that I've had to use all the forms a bit, but you can see why people who Ebay characters have trouble knowing how to play. I think the quest chain will be good for me - help me to learn all the forms a bit more - I think I'm going to have to fight things in each form as I go along, before going back to that hateful Sethekk Halls place! The number of times I've helped other druids get their swift flight form, it will be good to do it for myself!

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