Thursday, 28 August 2008

So many exciting things...

Some days I can't think of anything to blog about, other days I have LOADS. I forget stuff. I remember trivial things. I need my brain to be a bit less cluttered.

Today is one of those days that feels like I've met up with an old friend I've not seen in ages and want to share ALL my news all at once and I can't speak fast enough. I'm feeling like making a big list and then going through each point in turn.

First up - I've noticed that my blog appears on some other people's sites as one of their favourite blogs. This is wonderful. I feel like I should return the favour, but currently my feeder stands at over 100 blogs I subscribe to. I'd like to have another page to list them all, but I don't think it's possible using Blogger. I might have to switch to WordPress, but that is a scary thought for a technophobe like me. But - all of you who like my blog - THANK YOU - it makes me feel very special.

Second thing that is exciting is that I have a beta key. I can honestly say that I never for a second believed that I would get one, and I didn't. Someone in our guild did. He didn't want to open his presents before Christmas, so offered it to the guild. Being perpetually on the guild forums, I saw it first and he emailed it to me. I sat on it for a while, wondering if I really wanted it and decided that I did (and that my son would kill me if I gave it up). It's currently downloading (and has been all day) and is at 93%. I'm not sure how much I will actually play, but son is desperate to try out a death knight.

Third up, and probably my most ecxiting thing is that we (the guild) went to Mount Hyjal last night as a guild. Our first time ever. It was amazing. I had such fun. We didn't have the best geared people. Our poor Paladin tank was Holy up until about 5 minutes before the start. We had about 4 or 5 tries. Each try we made progress. It felt good. We were working together as a team, learning, growing. We got an epic drop on the trash and 4 hearts of darkness for the guild bank.

We got to wave 8 on the best try and I saw the boss mod say "Rage Winterchill in 90 seconds" before we wiped again, but it was a great attempt. I think most people had a good time and we really felt like next time we will get to a boss. We're going back for more fun on Monday, so I really hope I will have some amazing news then.


rehnkal said...

Nooo! Not the beta key.

Do an old priest a favor and do some research on wotlk holy priest for me.

Rehnkal isn't returning, but he's got a protege called galeblast (troll priest).
Been thinking about replacing my holy paladin with holy priest as main healer. And after a Mana tomb pug at level 65 I noticed how much I missed the spells :P

Rehnkal said...

Some minor tips for Mount hyjal.
Make sure your warlocks are using seed of corruption.
Tell them to kill one mob through direct damage, then swap to full SoC nuking.

And for rage,
Get the pvp trinket for his ice tomb attack. Mages and paldins can also use shield, blink and ice block against it.

Softi said...

Ohhh yay someone to chat to on the Beta!! :) Add Softthistle and Evilsofti if you ever want to chatter :) You're on the EU servers, right?

Gratz on getting into MH - awesome instance.