Friday, 8 August 2008

I hate PVP, but ... anything for a pet!

So - new today - new pet for the Olympics - all you have to do it win a BG!

OMG - PVP - I hate pvp. I dig my stuff out of the bank - actually I'm not too bad - 346 resilience, but I lose all my mana regen stuff.

Where to start - try a WSG - lose - get a tabard though. Find some guildies and try a WSG - LOSE. Try an EOTS - WIN! No mail - no pet. Sad bunny. Try an AB - lose. Why are Alliance so BAD at PVP? They run around like headless chickens after anything red and leave everything free for Horde to pick off. One more WSG - going OK - I'm with the warrior with the flag - keeping him alive and killing all who come in. He gets bored though and drops the flag for a druid, who runs into a million horde and dies. Argh - we lose.

Give up for a bit and have some lunch.

Back in - sign up for everything - get in WSG - horrible looking group - AB pops up - dreadful, completely dreadful - we can't even keep bloody stables. GUYS - I'm HEALING - keep me alive and I keep you alive. Jees - how hard is that as a concept?

AV comes up. I join. I have NO CLUE where to go in AV, so I tag along behind a crowd and a guy called Mayhem something who seems to know what he's doing! I find myself by a graveyard somewhere and we seem to take it. See something about Drek - kind of remember he is their bad guy we need to kill. Also see something about Vanndar needing help.

Wander into a bunker - Ooooh! There is their bad guy. People seem to be getting ready to attack. I heal my little butt off (which is being bitten by wolves) and all of a sudden WE WIN!

OMG - I won an AV and I have no idea how - LOL - what a total noob. (Top of healing though).

Get out of BG and I HAVE MAIL - YAY - I have my medallion! New pet, new pet, la la la la la la!

Don't I look mean in my PVP gear btw?


Amaryllis said...

I hate you. Won loads of games last night, no pet :(

Softi said...

Gratz! I managed to get mine after my first bg :D

amaryllis said...

12k honor so far across multiple toons from my farming attempts, no pet. Ah well, my priest will soon hit 50k hks at this rate and there is bound to be an achievement for that in WotLK (got to look for the silver lining or ill go crazy :P)

Mushy said...

There's an achivement for 50k and 100k iirc, 50k is safely hit on mage, just need to get to 100k now :P

Oh and now you see why I constantly call ally retards Seph - and I use to be a pretty active PvPer :P

Annderia said...

Grats on getting the dragon! I just had to have one too, even though I used to absolutely hate PvP. I got mine after 3 wins and I'm not so reluctant to PvP anymore. :D