Friday, 1 August 2008

A rogue and 4 cats

We had another interesting Karazhan run the other night. The aim is to do some lower Kara to gear a few folks up to move on to other things. This week we had 5 Druids (2 resto, 3 feral), 1 Rogue, 2 Shaman (1 resto, 1 pew pew), a Hunter and a Warlock sign up!

We killed Attumen no problem - my annoying Dad won the [Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation] over my amazing roll of 1. Yes, my Dad plays WOW - he's actually OK at it (his main is a Holy Pala, but he was being Druid tank in this run). He does have his moments (like deleting all his feral gear on his Druid because he was going Resto), but it's fun playing a game with 3 generations of my family involved.

We had a few interesting moments on the AOE trash, but we did OK. Moroes - no shackle and only one trap (which got resisted). We nuked all the adds and then Moroes and he died. YAY!

The Warlock and Pew Shaman were competing for the best number of deaths and the leather loot was interesting to almost everyone!

We decided that with no dispellers Maiden might be a tad tricky, so moved to Opera. We got Romulo and Julianne. We had one of those annoying she's dead - KILL HIM - moments, where sadly he didn't die quickly enough and they both ressed. Our turn to die!

The pew pew Shaman decided that 10 deaths was enough for his poor character and brought in his feral Druid instead. The Hunter brought his imba Warrior to tank so one of the Druid tanks could go kitty instead. It was an amazing sight - playing Sephrenia so much I've got used to standing back and watching the action, but with Lori it's all up front and personal. Me and 4 kitties REALLY showed Julianne some loving :) We won this time.

All the cats needed some beauty sleep, so we called it a night. Death count for the Warlock and Shaman stood at 10 each, but it was all the Hunters fault anyway - he won the blame roll. Did I mention our "blame roll"? At the start of our raids / instances we have a roll which decides who is to blame for all the bad (or good) things that happen in the raid. It's a wonderful idea because it takes away the pointing fingers, the guilty feelings and all that sort of stuff that could get in the way of some serious fun.


Rakhman said...

We also have a blame roll :) We have another rule too: if you over aggro and pull threat, none of your DPS figures for the run count, so no boasting about being top.

Cynra said...

All sorts of bad jokes concerning "litter boxes" and "hairballs" come to mind. So many Feral druids!

Rehnkal said...

"4 druids and 1 rogue" first thing I thought of was: "hmm, stealth run?".

Hint, hint: You got to try an heroic slavepen stealth run ;)

rehnkal said...

Careful, I think you might be turning into an altoholic.
Trying encounters as various classes can get you hooked.