Thursday, 16 October 2008

Sephrenia Jenkins

Well, patch day was horrible. My realm was last to get back up, was there for 15 minutes, then off again. I finally managed to get in at about 9pm. Add-on Hell. Am slowly working my way through them, but it's hard when your realm is off AGAIN this morning.

I find it VERY frustrating at the lack of communication and information from Blizzard. Any posts complaining about the realm in the technical support forum are locked with a "Not a technical issue" message, but there is nowhere else to complain. It's stupid.

Anyway, during the few hours I actually managed to play last night I "achieved" quite a bit. I got my pet skunk from the Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart achievement

I then gathered a few friends and we tried to remember how to get into UBRS! Barkie had to go back to the bank to fetch his key thingie - thank goodness he'd not deleted it.

Me, Barkie druid husband, Dracco lock with evil form, Spaceball mage with stylish new haircut and Justigar paladin explorer ventured in. We had trouble getting in - you can't do it heroic - durr! We got to the rookery and had a blast about, but weren't fast enough for the achievement, so waited for respawns and all ran about madly gathering whelps. We achieved our aim - sadly in all the madness and fun of the kill I let the mage die, but then they expect that, don't they?

Here's the family Jenkins.....

This achievement rewards you with a title - "name" Jenkins. It's a bit of silly fun and just the sort of thing I really love about the game.

Thanks to Justigar I also managed to do going down as levitate doesn't work for it, but a Paladin bubble does.

More to come once I can get back on my bloody realm.....

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