Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Random Thoughts

Haven't really been up to much recently - made 4 chrs on the beta - a priest, a warrior and a mage (both for son to play with) and a druid for husband. I was somewhat disappointed that the new lvl 80 chrs don't know how to fish - was looking forward to playing with fishing some more, but I can't.

Also sadly disappointed that you can't just buy motorbikes any more. I wanted to try one of thise and race irresponsibly round Dalaran.

I took the new druid Barkie out for a fly. Crytalsong Forest looks beautiful. Lovely purple-white trees.

A druid friend and I got to talking about druid forms and decided it would be good to have a "Mammoth mount" form to match the new mammoths in WotLK, so that the druids could carry friends around on their backs. I think he wants to be able to jump off aldor rise with 2 friends on board and shift to birdie form instead and watch them plunge to their deaths, but it's still a great idea :)

My mage transferred - son played pvp with it - I played with Polymorph cat...

I also found a new flight carrier...

Fun, fun, fun.... I can't wait to get all this stuff for real now. I've been checking out the latest news on priests in the new patch at Dwarf Priest. Some of the new priestly spells look fun. Divine Hymn looks good (especially for a chicken priest like me who often runs away when faced with multiple foes). As does Hymn of Hope - mmm more mana. Only a week to wait, then it will be pain and agony as I try to respec, sort out all my add-ons and all that horrible "change" stuff.

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Spaceball said...

I still think polymorph turtle wins.