Thursday, 2 October 2008

Not so much Guild stuff of late

I realise I've not been posting so much guild stuff recently. I think it's because most of my guild know about my blog and so I kind of lose my chance to vent because guild drama spills over into my blog or I get whined at for saying how I feel, even in the comfort of my own space.

We've had some drama recently. Over the past few months we've grown quite a bit and taken on almost two other guilds that have died. It's interesting to suddenly find out that there are (or were) other similar guilds to ours on the same server. I thought we were kind of unique, but it seems not.

People have left, people have come back, people have vented their emotions - I thought in an adult guild we would get away from all of that, but it still happens. Sometimes I really have to sit back and remind myself that this is a GAME. We play for fun. We play to escape from the real world.

I play for friendship - playing, instancing and raiding to me is like going out to the pub. Some of the people I play with I have known for 2 years in the game. I'm actually going to meet some of them soon because 2 guys from Sweden are coming to visit us next week - it's very exciting.

Anyway. We've had some settling in issues. It kind of reminds me and ties in with my kids going back to school and settling back in after the summer holidays. We've had to do the same. We're back to generally filling our 25 man raids (with a little bit of begging on occasion). We downed Lurker, had a go at Morogrim and ventured into Mount Hyjal. It's feeling good.

But now that the new patch is on it's way people are getting edgy about what it may bring, or rather what it might take away. The selfish gene is raising its ugly head again. It's hard in a casual guild to do all the things that please all of the people and often as a Council member I find that whatever you do will annoy some people. It's a delicate balancing act.

Things are going to change - about the only thing that is constant in life is that change will happen. We're going to face a lot more changes as WotLK hits us, but I'm hoping that all the hard work we've done in the past and the experiences we've been through together will guide us through and the guild will emerge stronger from it.

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