Friday, 10 October 2008

Biker Chick

Remember I bought a [choppa] and was sad because I couldn't use it? Well, they're not soulbound - so I sent it to new level 80 priest as she couldn't buy one because the vendor has gone.

It is SUCH a pose - and great fun. I am so chatting up all my engineer friends nice and early to make me one.

Don't I make this look GOOD? I do like the hairstyle and colour as well - Seph (the real one) will be having a transformation next week. Can't wait.

I re-specced (AGAIN) and played a little bit with heals - I think I could get used to crit heals like this one... and that's without any amazing gear...


amaryllis said...

Im already working on my biker chick gear :D

Softi said...

Awesome! I've got a couple (ok 4!) premades now too... was looking for the vendor the other day. *cry*