Saturday, 25 October 2008

Busy, busy, busy

So many achievements, so little time.

I've not been terribly well and blogging just hasn't caught me recently. Things have been very busy IRL (yes, I have one of those) and almost as busy in game too. So a quick synopsis of what's been going on...

I am taking a holiday from my Council position in the guild. All the whispers, organising, petty arguments, drama and stuff have taken their toll on me and rather than step down from the Council completely (which I almost did), my lovely, wondeful colleagues have agreed that I can go on holiday.

This is what my fantastic friends wrote on our guild website - it made me cry...

Seph is not to be, under any circumstances, bothered by guild shit until she says she is ready. She is still of course here, but any questions you'd ask that you wouldn't ask a normal members is off limits. We are 6 (or at least 5) other members that will be there for those questions.

This has gone on for long enough and we need to take care of Seph. She's just a person, an amazing one, but still with limited capabilities.

Since I stepped down, the relief has been immense. I respecced COH and have relaxed in raids - it showed... taken from our guild first kills in MH - Anetheron and a try on Kaz'rogal...

Analysing the results made me realise just what I love about my priestess.

Just look at all the different heals I used - so much choice, so many variations. Most of it was COH, but I was playing with it and getting used to it, but I think I managed to use practically all of my healing spells at some point in the events.

As a guild we've been playing with raids in the newly nerfed instances and having a great time. We've done 3 out of 5 in MH (while still only 2 in SSC and none in TK), then decided maybe we'd better go back and finish SSC - so we went and one shot the first 4 bosses - 2 of which were first kills for us. I know it's been nerfed "TO THE GROUND" (a reference to Ghostcrawler and ret palas - go search the internet and widen your blogging reading if you don't understand), but we had great fun - a wonderful sense of cameraderie, fun, teamwork and I felt it brought us closer together as we wait for what Wrath will bring us.

Oh, there's so much more, but my kids are demanding attention...

...oh - one last thing - after a year waiting - I FINALLY got my Sinister Squashling. It brings my total number of pets on Sephrenia to 67. And since patch day, we've not had the Croc quest once - damn random events - grrrr.

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