Friday, 3 October 2008

At last - another ZA kill

Well, it's been a while coming but my guild finally has another ZA kill under its belt. A group went to play on Wednesday, which I sadly could not attend and they made good progress and learning on Jan'alai. Keen to continue we managed to get another group together last night and after a few unlucky tries we managed to kill the dragon hawk boss.

It's a fun fight, very mobile as you have to move about a lot to dodge the fire breaths and the fire balls. I was a little concerned that my priestly healing didn't match that of our druid and paladin, until I looked at the dispel list, where I saw that I managed to rack up 80 odd dispels on our paladin tank. No wonder I didn't have time to heal much - I was far too busy clearing him of his nasty buffs.

We moved on and tried Halazzi, which is harder, but apparently do-able without a Hunter (wanted - hunters for our guild). We got him to 25%, but sadly had a wipe, at which point people were getting tired and it was getting late, so we called it for the evening. I feel sure that this boss will succumb to us soon as well.

It was a fun evening and nice to see us moving forward again.

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Cynra said...

You must be one of the few guilds that isn't inundated with hunters! I think everyone -- and I mean everyone has a hunter alt!

Congratulations to the guild for the downing. That's awesome work!