Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Raiding fun

Well, I've been a bit quiet recently, I know. I wasn't in the mood for blogging. It's been half term, so not a lot of free time and am trying to cut down my WOW addiction a little, so the blog suffers too.

Most of my WOW time has been spent fishing (in the vain hope of getting a croc for Seph), exploring and doing the Halloween stuff. "Sephrenia The Hallowed" has such a nice ring to it I hope that it comes with the patch tomorrow.

Guild wise I've taken a holiday from the Council, but am still raiding. We've achieved a lot of new stuff, but it somehow feels a bit hollow since the nerf. Don't get me wrong, I'm fantastically happy to see all the new stuff and the guild is performing great, but shouting about it will only bring the "yeah, but it's easy now" type replies.

I actually feel GOOD about what we've done. We're 5/6 in SSC (the coordination required for Vashj is a little too taxing for some of out guildies), we've skipped The Eye for now, but I think we may go later in the week. We're 3/5 in MH and 4/9 in BT. We've also managed a 4 timed chest and full clear in ZA. Not bad I guess.

The image is Teron Gorefiend who, as you can tell by all the skeletons, took a bit of learning! He was a very nice dead guy and gave me his [Cowl of Benevolence] - a nice new hat to take to Northrend on my travels.

I respecced Circle of Healing and I love it. I know it wasn't the best spec for SSC and TK, but it totally rocks in MH and BT. I might change it when WotLK comes out, but am still mulling that one over.

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