Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Happiest Girl in WOW

Well, it's been a good few days. My husband, Barkie, has been playing WOW - we've been levelling together (following Jame's levelling guide).

I found a level 74 mage friend and got to Dalaran. I just LOVE Dalaran.

A guild friend gave me some money to buy an [Armored Brown Bear].

I also managed to get my druid and rogue to Dalaran as well (and daughter's level 44 rogue - she's very happy).

I'm level 71 and taking it steady, enjoying my time sifting through Wolf Poo, and flying on airplanes...

You can see the planes and the poor, black, starving, poop filled wolves on the image.

Finally, a friend who had deserted us for Warhammer has returned and one of my LONG standing WOW friends has transferred away from Magtheridon and joined us on Kor'Gall (escaping the 1 hour server queues and a lot of hordes - Nihilum live there - urgh!).

Can WOW life get much better? Well, I've still got 8 zones to discover, so I hope so.

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Annderia said...

Northrend has been very fun for me so far. :D Glad to hear that you're enjoying it too!

And grats on 74! I'm still at 71 right now, but I'm making my way! :]