Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Achievements, questing, FUN!

Well, as I'm trying to cut down a bit on my play time and to NOT level without my Husband, Barkie, I've been doing a bit of fishing in Dalaran. I managed to get to 450 and then got my little achievements...

Someone is very happy with me and sent me a coin of my own to keep and play with.

You can click it to toss it and it emotes the results.

These are the silly sorts of things that I absolutely LOVE about this game. Sure killing monsters and beating instances is good, but these things are FUN and are what keep me hooked.

Barkie and I had an evening of WOW. As he is a druid, it pleased him to help out in the fight against the evil animal killers of Northrend.

I was a little scared piloting my own plane - I mean - just look at my poor expression.

Barkie had to give me a cuddle to calm me down. Here we are enjoying a little break from a hectic evening of questing.

We both managed to get to level 72, before we collapsed into bed, somewhat later than we really should have done, but it was a fun evening and wonderful to be levelling with him again. I look forward to Thursday when we're off again - hopefully finishing Borean Tundra and moving on to Howling Fjord.

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Jalmon said...

Need to loosen up on those plane controls lol you look like a kamikazee pilot about to take off :D